How To Avoid Holiday Dramas

A holiday is usually an expensive financial outlay.  It’s a focus for your year’s hard labour and an exciting time – so you don’t want it to be ruined by an accident.


An accident on holiday is a daunting prospect. Unfamiliar surroundings a lack of understanding of  foreign procedures and entitlements can make things seem so much worse. Most holidaymakers are unprepared for accidents, but with a level head and the right information on what to do, you can come through it.

What Happens and When

Firstly, you should take out good health insurance and carry an EHIC card (if you are a European traveller).  In the immediate event of an accident you should contact the relevant emergency services and if you have one, make your resort Representative aware of the situation.  The rep should be able to alleviate some of the burden and guide you through local customs.  Following any necessary treatment, the rep should issue you with a complaint form to be signed and completed by both parties.  Take photographs of any faulty equipment or signs of negligence that could prove the hotel or excursion provider to be liable.  Swap contact information with fellow travellers and gather witnesses to strengthen your case.

Your Travel Agency

Most of the groundwork you need to do regarding an accident on holiday will be done on your return to the UK.  Depending on the gravity of the accident, your first port of call should be your travel agent.  They will want to ensure that you are fairly treated and that depending on the severity of the problem, that any publicity is handled appropriately.

The provider has to abide by the Package Travel Regulations Act.  Quote the act and remind them of their duty.  If your holiday includes two or more of the following features – transport, accommodation, tourist services – the act applies to you.

If the booking agent is not obliging in terms of refunds or compensation you should write a formal final letter before taking them to an independent arbitration scheme.  Seek out the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) and if there is still no result, you can head for the small claims court.

If you’re having trouble claiming your holiday compensation contact Irwin Mitchell for advice on your claim.