Time Out In Thailands Capital

Thailand- it’s well known for drawing in tourists, backpackers and sight-seers from all over the globe. There are bustling city streets, swanky upscale restaurants and popular amusement parks for families. But there is another side to Bangkok – a more relaxed, quaint side that rarely gets to be seen by the average tourist. Here are some little known treasures of Bangkok. Read and enjoy!


Fresh Flower Market

Looking for a slice of Thai culture? The Fresh Flower Market is infused with both colour and fabulous fragrances. This Phak Thalong Khalad is a multisensory treat, bringing nature’s wonders to the quaint back streets of Bangkok in colourful carts and vending stalls. Local vegetables, orchids, roses, chrysanthemums and flawless bouquet arrangements are available here and they are all offered at extremely cheap prices.

Ko Kret

Visit this eclectic community of pottery-making Thai people. The Mons, as they are called, are a small minority group of Thailanders that sought refuge on a small manmade island during the 18th century. Today they sit in the middle of the Chaeo Phryaha River. Their wide marketplace offers a vast array of handmade pottery inscribed with artful expressions of the Buddhist religion.

Baan Bat

Literally translated into “house of monk’s alm bowl,” this delightful Bangkok community is hidden in the backstreets of The Golden Mount. It is one of the last existing places where Monks still hammer by hand their brass alms bowls – the same bowls they pass around during morning collection time. During the 18th century these monks made a living selling these bowls, and today,  four thousand people make a living doing the same thing. Keep in mind as you enter the backstreets that it may appear to be little more than an old neighbourhood. Look closer! You will see the bowls and their creators quietly hammering away.

Khlongs river-boats-in-bangkok

You’ve probably heard of Venice and the corresponding long tail boats that glide throughout the city’s many waterways. It wasn’t that long ago that Bangkok once offered the same attraction. In fact, it was once deemed “The Venice of the East.” Cars now dominate the Bangkok transportation plateau, but you can still enjoy a trip on the water by visiting Khlong Saen Saeb’s boats in downtown Bangkok.

Massage By The Blind

Many people enjoy visiting various spas, salons or relaxation centres as they travel around the world.  You will be given a fantastic massage by the visually impaired. Trained masseurs massage using sound and touch, heightening their skills above many other massage therapists. It’s a beneficial and relaxing experience.

The Public Parks of Bangkok

Most people may not think to check out the many public parks of the Bangkok region. Truth be told, many of these beautiful little patches of land are the best spots to hold a picnic or enjoy the sights of the city. Lumpini Park, for example, is a luscious green field in the middle of the city. Sunam Luang is aanother green park, as is the vibrant, soft lawns of the King Rama IX Park. A basic map of the city will show you where you can find these spots of sunshine.

Vertigo and Moon Bar

If you can find this bar on the top of the Banyan Tree Hotel, you will have found a treasure that most tourists don’t experience! All tables are located on the roof, offering a spectacular view of the city, as well as good food.

If you’ve booked your Thailand flights and you’re worried you’re going to wear yourself out, seeing all the main touristy areas, enjoy some of the recommendations above and soak up the warm Thailand sun in a quiet hideaway.