Pirates Rum and Fabulous Sunsets

Barbados was once known as the party island of the hedonistic colonial types –  now known for its beautiful beaches, rum shacks, and welcoming approach, particularly for families. The beaches, wildlife and countryside are spectacularly colourful and lush with wonderfully exotic birds flying though jungle foliage . The warm sea, is great for swimming and is filled with fish and turtles, so a day on the beach is no hardship! Getting there is easy – with a number of airlines offering straightforward flights to this sun filled island. Here are a few ideas of what to do when you get there!

Yellow parrots sitting on a resting pole

What’s On

If you love the outdoor life, you will never be short of things to do in Barbados. Take to the trees  on the Aerial Trek zip line – you’ll get a birds eye view of the tree canopy and a real feeling of freedom, its a bit like being a giant! Or how about going 130 ft under the sea, with Atlantis Submarines; you’ll be able to see the fish up close and personal – perfect for any budding sub mariners.  If you like being on top of the waves rather than under them, The Harbour Master Cruising Boat offers great tours of the coast and  has a 70ft plunge slide, which goes straight into the sea!

For children, there are nature camps at Welchman Hall Gully, or how about encouraging children to walk a real plank – gt them to put on an eye patch, and take a tour of the Jolly Roger 1 Pirate Ship – perfect for pirate obsessed younsters!

For the Grown Ups

Barbados HoletownFor the grown ups there’s a wide selection of home spun bars – these tend to be part shop/part political debating society and they are held together with good will, home cooking and the local big three beverages – beer, rum and more rum. These places are so much more fun that a hotel bar, and you’ll experience the local food, along with a cold beer.  RA Mapp Bar and Grocery Store is run by Mr Leacock – a great one for a good story and a rum and coke, perfect for a Sunday afternoon. The Soup Bowl Surf Break is a café with a difference, you have to paddle through some fairly rough water to get to the cafe – one for strong swimmers only. Or if you perfer to keep your feet dry, you can watch hopefuls taking a tumble in the water, from the dry safety of Smokey’s Soup Bowl.

For a heart stopping view of the Barbadian sunset, take a trip to The Kool Aid Bar, in St. Simons. Outside it may not look like much –  a bit like an old garage in fact, but inside it’s fabulous views can be enjoyed with the locals, who will probably be a surprised to see a different face. It’s a great spot to end a day in the sun.

Barbados has beautiful gardens, horse treks, and wildlife tours galore. Check out the great deals available with British Airways and see this caribbean gem – a far cry from chilly Europe!