Brussels – The Heart of Europe

Brussels is often referred to as the Heart of Europe because it is the capital of Belgium and the administration hub of the European Union. With a healthy appetite for food, beer, chocolate and culture, there are plenty of reasons to visit Brussels.

Brussels festival of flowers

Grubs Up!

Food is an excellent reason to visit Brussels and in this city you can enjoy fine food in non-fine-dining restaurants! Most cafes will serve you with a delectable plate of chips and mussels, with a side serving of mayonnaise. Other favourites include waffles and waterzooi soup.

To wash down your food, you can sample one of the local beers. With over 400 types of beer in Belgium, Brussels offers a wide range of beers including the Geuze. There is also no shortage of micro-breweries to visit or traditional pubs to spend a cosy evening in.

Chocolate Heaven

Another gastronomy-related highlight of Brussels is chocolate. Not only is Belgium renowned for its immense chocolate production –  more than 170,000 tons of the stuff, but Brussels is home to numerous speciality chocolate shops and a Chocolate Museum. You can trace the history of the mighty cocoa bar at the museum and drool during a live demonstration by a chocolate master. The city holds some of the finest chocolates in the world, with shops selling goodies from chocolatiers including Pierre Marcolini and Godiva.

Things To Do And See

Brussels will satisfy your cravings for culture and scenery. Among the many museums is the Magritte Museum, named after and located in the former home of Belgium’s surrealist artist Renè Magritte. There are also the Musée d’Art Ancien and Musée d’Art Moderne to visit to soak up fine art throughout the ages.

The Atomium is also worth a visit, designed in the shape of a gigantic (150 thousand million times the size of) an iron molecule. There is a restaurant at its top and Mini Europe at the bottom which has numerous models of cities and buildings.

This cosmopolitan city is bustling and vibrant, with markets and fairs to be enjoyed all year round. For example, there is the famous Christmas market which is magical, as well as antique fairs in the Sablon neighbourhood, and various local market days where you can buy local produce and home made crafts.

When it comes to stunning scenery, you’ll have to try hard to top the Grand Palace in the heart of Old Town. A few miles from Holiday Inn Brussels Schuman and within walking distance, the Grand Palace is Brussels’ main square and home to the finest ornate guildhalls, the Town Hall, pavement cafes, chocolate shops and more.

It’s So Close

A key reason to visit Brussels is simply its location. Located in the heart of Europe, Brussels can be reached effortlessly from major European cities like London, Paris and Amsterdam by a fast train or plane ride. The city is ideal for a weekend break because you can be there in no time at all, stay somewhere central like Holiday Inn Brussels and indulge in the fine food and drink great for boosting your energy to enjoy the sights and the scenery.