Visiting Cairo by Air

The capital city of Egypt, Cairo, is a wonderful and magical place to visit and is bound to exceed your expectations.  It is considered to be one of the biggest cities in both the Middle East and Africa and is famous for its rich ancient and medieval history, attracting thousands of visitors to explore each year.  Although Cairo is an ancient city it also has a modern side, which can be seen by all who visit this vibrant place.

Although the climate and culture of Cairo is similar to that found throughout the middle east the city attracts an increasing number of visitors from the emerging cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi as the ancient history found here is of great importance and interest to other Arab communties.  Etihad offers direct flights to Cairo from Abu Dhabi in addition to indirect flights on a daily basis. Abu Dabhi International Airport also serves neighbouring city Dubai

From the River Nile to the Pyramids of Giza, that can be seen on the skyline, there are plenty of ancient attractions for all to see and visit.  What we must remember is that these are not only seen as tourist attractions but are also part of the city’s fabric of life and have been around for thousands of years.  Another of the oldest and more impressive sites is the Sphinx, which has stood watch for centuries.

The pyramids and Sphinx are pehaps the most well-known visitors attractions and are indeed very impressive.

A visit to Cairo wouldn’t be complete with a trip to the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities.  This wonderful museum has over 100,000 artefacts in its 107 halls.  There are treasures from ancient Egypt with the most popular exhibit being the Tutankhamun Gallery, which shows the truly magnificent treasures that were in his tomb.  A visit to the Royal Mummy Room will also show you the mummies of the most powerful and influential Pharaohs in Egypt.

many guidebooks recommend that tourists should try some of the less frequented places such as the Khan al-Khalili market. This gives visitors an opportunity to experience an ancient bazaar, as it would have been 700 years ago.  There are plenty of historic religious sites that are well worth a visit too, the ancient Hanging Church and the huge 12th century Saladin Citadel.  Another place well worth a visit is Old Cairo with its Coptic Christian community from Roman times.

When you have had your fill of sightseeing a shopping trip around Cairo with its markets full of stalls and souvenirs is great fun and a must, if you can haggle a bargain from the vendors then all the better.  The sights, sounds and smells will take your breath away and leave you feeling very nostalgic for times gone by.

Dining in Cairo is an experience to behold; even the cheapest of restaurants serve quality Egyptian favourites.  Sitting in the local cafe with a coffee and a light snack will immerse you into the surroundings.  In fact dining in Cairo has improved tenfold in recent years.  Most restaurants now prepare a more international cuisine that will suit all tourists when they have had their fill of the local delicacies.

In Cairo the weather is always warm and in most cases hot.  However, it can get very cool in the evenings so if you are venturing out for an evening stroll then a light jacket will be required.  Cairo is a wonderful place to visit, full of nostalgic and iconic scenery from days gone by.