New York can be an extremely expensive place to stay. As befitting a place many regard as the centre of the Western world, New York has plenty of high-end hotels. But there are also plenty of places for smaller budgets. Leaving aside the wealth of hostels for now, let’s take a look at some mid-price places to stay – all coming in at under $200 per night, and yet not scrimping on the glamour and good-service. Nonetheless, this is NYC and ‘cheap’ in this context is very much a relative term, so do make sure you get the cheapest possible flights to New York (hot tip –checkout and prepare your wallet!

Chelsea Savoy Hotel. Well-located in NYC’s exclusive Chelsea district, there are some bargain offers available for those seeking a taste of the high-life without breaking the bank. Best deal is one of the quad rooms, which accommodates four guests and can be as cheap as $155 a night. Break that down between a family of four and you’re talking less than 40 bucks a night – pretty good for a beautiful hotel in such an exclusive part of the world. Rooms include a bath, cable TV and a continental breakfast.

Colonial House Inn. Converted from a 1850s townhouse, the Colonial House Inn offers rooms from $130 a night, and boasts features such as a rooftop patio and internet kiosks. Also located in Chelsea, it is close to a number of subway stops and amenities.

Cosmopolitan Hotel. A room with two double beds comes in at $199 for four people travelling together – not bad for such a well-appointed downtown hotel, close to the heart of the city’s action. Each room has cable TV and private baths. A good choice for people who like to be in the thick of it.

The GEM Hotel Soho. Not all NYC hotels can deliver the bang-for-buck that the GEM Hotel in trendy SoHo does. Free wi-fi, free bottled water, iPod docking stations and in-room coffee makers are just some of the extras you’ll receive with your very reasonably priced room – starting at $149 per night.

The Jane Hotel. If you’re looking for style in your low-cost accommodation, you really cannot beat the Jane Hotel. It doesn’t have a great location (set beside the West Side Highway) and you’ll have to accept a small room and shared bathroom, but visitors on a budget who still want easy access to downtown New York will be thrilled with a $99 room, or $125 shared room.