Family Games For Car Journey

The holiday is booked, the car is loaded with every possible piece of gear for surfing, walking, swimming and sunbathing. So when your vehicle grinds to halt a couple of hours later, it’s not the best start to your hard-earned break! Here are a few ideas to keep a carload of young travellers focussed on the holiday. Make the best of it and before you know it, the nice person from the car breakdown cover will arrive, ready to get you on your way again.  Before you leave home get prepared for traffic queues or breakdowns and pack  a bag with scrap paper for writing and drawing – colouring pens or crayons,  sticky glue, safety scissors, old magazines and a few treats for Winners!

Big Road Bingo

One person draws up a list of things that you are likely to see on your journey. If you find yourself in one spot for while, see how many things you can tick off the list (only once you have seen them of course!) and the winner is the person who has spotted all of the things on the list.

Poker Face

One person at a time is picked to be the Poker Face – and they ask everyone else in the car questions about the journey, trip or holiday. The person answering them responds to their questions with a ridiculous answer. For instance, Poker Face asks a question “What’s the name of the Hotel where we are staying?” – response “My stinky socks” – “What shall we eat for supper?” – answer  “My stinky socks”. Each person answering picks a response and sticks to it, until Poker Face loses by laughing. Have a list of questions prepared in advance, and the game can be quick-fire and fun to play.

Make Your Own Map

Keep children occupied with this creative travel game. Before you leave, print out the route you are going to travel, and ask the children draw their own directions, adding in scenery or places of interest along the way. If you have room in the car, cut up old magazines and use the pictures to stick onto the map such as trees, animals, farms, people. Add in your own directions too for a realy whacky map!

Fame Is The Name

Choose to be a well-known person (past or present, fictional or real) but don’t let on who you have chosen to be. You can be anyone – an actor, singer, someone from history, dead or alive. Everyone in the car has to ask you questions to work out who you are. You can only answer with a Yes, or No! The youngest in the group can play this too – they can pick their own level with animals or cartoon characters.

Memory Tray

Concentration is the name of the game. One person draws a tray on a piece of paper – and then draws 20 items on the tray. i.e. a thimble, a hat, a cake, a phone, etc. Use stickers, if that’s easier, or cut outs. Show the contents of the tray to the other children – and then cover or hide it the tray. See who can remember everything on the tray…winner gets a prize!