Fun In The Sun For The Young

For anyone who is looking to break away from the routines of life, a Club 18-30 holiday could be break that ticks all the boxes for a wild summer vacation. If you’re in the age range, and you love the party life, then take a look at some of the hot spots you could visit – there’s loads of choice when it comes to checking out clubbing holidays!

night time scene at club

What Happens?

Getting together with a group of mates and flying out to guaranteed sunshine, warm waters and a great night life means you can shed your woolly hats and responsibilities and throw yourself into living it up – it’s about great memories, developing that great sun tan and the opportunity to dance every and each night of your holiday away. to some of the best sounds on the club scene.

Late nights spent out in balmy warm weather or on the dance floor mean that a lazy start to the day is inevitable – then off for a bit of rest and recuperation under the beach parasols. Check out the watersports – there’s everything available from peddle boats to windsurfing. Be bold and try out something new to get the adrenaline pumping – it’s the perfect time to broaden your experiences and crack on with a few challenges, dares and loads of fun! Keep your energy up and grab a bite at the local seaside bars, go a bit of sightseeing (after all, you are on holiday in a different country!) take a siesta, and then off to get geared up for the next club night. Choose your place – everything’s on offer. You could be downing an ice cold beer in on a packed floor, or sipping cocktails on a starlit beach – enjoying a live line up or one of the big-night-out events.  You can dip in and out of the night life as you wish, it’s your call.

These holidays can be so intense – you can pack a years worth of fun into a few weeks. The gorgeous weather, everyone’s relaxed and up for good times. If you don’t want to sleep, you don’t have to – there’s more than enough activity to keep you up your feet.

Places to Check Out

If you’re heading for Greece, there are clubbing hotspots in Corfu, Zante, Rhodes – with its famous Club Street, Crete with its Coyete Dance Club, Corfu and Kos, with the big clubs – namely Starlight and Status – still going strong! If you are watching the pennies – Bulgaria is beginning to shine, and Bodrum in Turkey is a great party venue. Of course, Ibiza, the daddy of them all, still has the good vibes, good places to stay and the raw beauty of the island to enjoy.

Once you reach your holiday home, you’ll meet your designated Holiday Representative – and they’ll have lots of experience to make sure your holiday is adventurous, fun and memorable. You can access them for guidance on where to go, and what to do, where the biggest or best clubs are…..could be they know a secret hideaway dance club! They may seem as footloose and fancy free as you, but they are there to do a job – which is to help you to get the best out of your holiday and step in, if a helping hand is needed.

So if you’ve got the chance to take off for a few weeks, whether you’re looking to make some new mates, or take the old one’s along for the sun, sea and sounds, take a look at diving into the holiday of a lifetime. Go for it!