There’s a reason why Dubai is called the entertainment hub of the world. It is a destination that aptly caters to the varied requirements of the tourists. Whether it is the relaxation, serenity, thrill, adventure or enjoyment; no matter what you want from your trip, Dubai has it on offer. One of the most famous destination in the world, Dubai trips can be very commercial. With so many attractions, it’s hard to look into the hidden gems and the off-beaten paths that form a major part of the soul of any destination.

Look beyond the clichéd attractions of Dubai and experience places that captures the essence of the city of dreams. Here are some that’ll capture your attention.

The zone of Al Quoz

What looks like a scary area with monster trucks, expats, and warehouses; the Al Quoz surroundings is actually one of the best offbeat places of the city.

al quozArt lovers are going to be delighted with its prolific art scene with many amazing art galleries showing their creations in the large industrial spaces available. Don’t mind the little warren roads, as the entire area is all about getting lost in your wanderlust in its up and down streets and enjoying the small happenings of coffee discussions, pop up store, hooping classes and more. The area near Al Serkal in Al Quoz is specially the place to be if you want to experience the diversity of different cultures mingling together and living in peace and harmony.

Dubai Miracle Garden

It’s still a mystery to me why is the Dubai miracle garden not promoted the way it should be. It is no less than a wonder of the world. Growing 45 million natural flowers in a desert with the best species in the world and arranging them in adorable designs is no mean feat, and the Dubai miracle Garden proves it. Named as the biggest natural flower garden in the whole wide world, the Dubai Miracle garden has flowers planted across an area of 775000 sq.ft. creating massive designs and shapes. Created using wastewater and intelligent irrigation, these staggeringly amazing blooming fields has no competition yet in the whole world.

Dubai Miracle gardenA peep into the past with Bastakiya Quarters

A historic district of the city that together with Al Shindagha, forms the oldest residential areas of Dubai; Al Bastakiya quarters is all about shunning the modern age concrete jungle and getting lost in the wind towers, narrow lanes, the fort of Al Fahidi and the entire old era feel. Al Bastakiya is named after the Iranian region of Bastak. With its construction dating back to the 1800s, it was once a strong hold of the rich Arabs the place was able to house around 60 residents with each house separated by narrow lanes. The discovery of oil encouraged residents to move out to plush residences, leaving the quarters deserted. Now with the restoration of this area, this place is the reminiscence of the glorious past of the city and allows us to sneak peek in to the lives of the Bedouins before the oil era.


A manuscript Elephant brought to life- The Elephant Clock

A design described in the famous manuscript from the 1200s by the then celebrated polymath inventor Al Jazari is now brought to life at the Ibn Battuta Mall as the giant Elephant Clock. The clock is one of a kind, both in concept and execution. The bodily details of the clock signify varied cultures: The elephant is an Asian elephant representing India, the dragon-like serpent represents China, the phoenix at the top represents the ancient Egypt, and the turbaned figure represents Muslim cultures. All water tanks are hidden in the elephant’s belly that activates the various gears into mechanical motion after every half hour.

Elephant Clock at Ibn Battuta mallA picnic at the Burj Park at Downtown Dubai

You went around the downtown area to see all the best known attractions of the city but did you actually stopped by to spend some time at the Burj park at Downtown Dubai? If not, do it now. This is the place to see some extraordinary views of Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa. Come here at night for some breathtakingly illuminated light cubes. A perfect place for an amazing picnic, relaxation or simply to enjoy people watching, this park is a must visit.

The Street food of Dubai

It’s easy to sit at a fine dine and have the food of your preference. But if you’ve been to Dubai and did not enjoy the diversity of food available on the streets of Diera and Al Kasba, your journey is incomplete. It’s fascinating to see the sheer variety of food prepared in varied sumptuous style with superb precision. Cuisines loved by the world are available here are unbelievably pocket friendly rates. Gastronomies you can easily find here are Emirati, Pakistani, Indian, Italian, Lebanese, European, Chinese, Bangladeshi, and so much more.

You can select respectable tour operators like Rayna tours to show you around the best of these busy streets, if you aren’t familiar with them. They are locals and know the best restaurants at the back of their hands.

Dubai is every bit a place you would want to visit over and over again, but don’t get carried away by the amazing attractions here. Although, you must see them, the real soul of Dubai does not lie in the concrete structures of the skyscrapers, it lives in the off beaten paths and the hidden gems that brings you closer to understanding the essence of it. Go and feel the Bedouin Dubai beautified with its creative attractions.

There are gems hidden in every destination waiting to be found by a wanderer. Have you found yours yet?