Great Visitor Centres in Scotlands Capital

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, as well as being Scotland’s largest city.  It is also the 7th most populated city in Britain and  has plenty of attractions and entertainment.   There are plenty of castles, ancient ruins, museums and shows to take in when you visit Edinburgh but if you’re looking at managing your budget, here’s a couple of low costs places to visit which help keep fit and give you a laugh! If you are looking to stay in Edinburgh for a while, check out whats available through Edinburgh apartments – they’ll be in the best parts of town, perfect for work or sightseeing, and great for easy access to the nightlife.

view of arthurs seat

Visit The Royal Botanic Gardens

If you enjoy the great outdoors, but want the added bonus of some covered areas,  then you can’t go far wrong with the Royal Botanic Gardens.  Set over seventy acres,  the Royal Botanic Gardens features some of the finest herbacious borders, rock and fern gardens to be found anywhere in the UK. The rich Victorian Scots loved fruit out of season, and so the greenhouses were developed to show off what could be grown out of season. Its a great day out for everyone – with exhibitions, a very good shops and eating facilities. Keen an eye out for any particular events that might be held at night – the park is lit up as are the greenhouses!

Visit The Writers Museum

Scotland has produced some masters of literature. The Writers Museum will satisfy your literary hunger,  by concentrating on the famous writings of Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson.  Find out about their lives, see some of their original manuscripts, and find out what motivated them.  As an added bonus, the Museum sits just off of the Royal Mile – this is one of the oldests streets in Edinburgh’s which still has fine old buildings and great views.

Climb Arthur’s Seat

For those of you that prefer to get out and about and take in the fresh air and see the natural landscape there is Arthur’s Seat.  To get to the top you need to climb up rocks and pathways for over 800 feet, but the view from the top is worth it, since you’ll see the whole of Edinburgh spread out below you.   If you travelling with young children or older people, keep the fitness levels in mind – there is an easier way up from the East side of the Hill. Or take the chair lift….yes, it really is that big a climb!

Revisit Your Childhood

Take the time capsule back to your childhood,  by visiting The Museum Of Childhood. Its a fascinating place, and  it specialises in exhibits of many of the toys and games of yesteryear.  See some of your childhood games you’d forgotten all about and relive the nostalgia of some of those old toys that you used to love so much.  Young children will be amazed by it – see if you can find your favourite toy or game that your grandparents may have passed on!

Edinburgh, like any city, has a thriving nightlife, so check out what sort of thing interests you via their Time Out which is updated regularly. And if you are bit of night owl, make sure you are based in the right place to enjoy it all – nothing quite like being in a city base apartments to enjoy life in the centre of town.