Florida Cruise and Stay Holidays

When it comes to cruise and stay holidays, one of the world’s hottest destinations has to be Florida.  One of the USA’s top domestic holiday destinations the state of Florida also welcomes tourists from around the world.  A peninsula forming the far south eastern tip of the USA, the area boasts over 8000 miles of coastline, with shores on the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean and the Straits of Florida – which are situated just to the north of the Caribbean.  With this distinctly coastal theme it comes as no surprise that it is a popular starting point for cruises in the Caribbean and beyond. Since the 1940s Florida has focussed on attracting tourists – and apart from a wealth of natural attractions the state has become famous for its association with theme parks making Florida holidays popular with tourists of all ages.


Orlando And The Theme Parks

Orlando holidays are perhaps the most popular with families thanks to the theme parks.  Located centrally in this sub-tropical state Orlando is great base for the stay part of your holiday.  The stay part of your cruise and stay holiday in Florida is probably best at the start of your holiday.  The theme parks close to Orlando include; Walt Disney World, Universal Studios which now incorporates the popular ‘Wizarding World of Harry Potter’ and SeaWorld.  Just down the road are the unspoilt beaches of the ‘Space’ Coast – which is considered one of the top surfing destinations on the US east coast.  With warm waters and relaxing sandy beaches the shoreline provides a break from the hectic pace of the theme parks.  The coast has remained undeveloped thanks to the Kennedy Space Center, which also operates a fantastic visitor centre, with the opportunity to view launches from Cape Canaveral.

Ready For Take Off? miami-street-front

Port Canaveral is the starting point for more down to earth exploration and is one location where the cruise part of your holiday can begin.  Alternative ports of departure include Miami – a city that is well worth a visit; cosmopolitan and beloved of the super-rich, this gleaming jewel of a city is famous for its Art Deco mansions lining broad boulevards and the distinctly Spanish influence.

It has a vibrant Latin Quarter which is home to settlers from Haiti, Cuba and Puerto Rico.  Sailing either from Miami or Port Canaveral – the cruise part of your holiday offers fantastic choices when it comes to destinations.

Sailing Away From It All

The obvious cruise to take would be a Caribbean one – though destinations include the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific coasts of Mexico and the US, via the Panama Canal.  After a hectic stay based around Orlando with its numerous family friendly attractions and activities a cruise may be the perfect way to relax.  Entertainment options on board range from the simple (pool, G&T, snoozing) to the spectacular in the form of shows, music and plenty of shopping!  Childcare is usually available allowing the grownups to indulge in a bit of ‘us-time’ – while a Caribbean cruise is a great way to combine long leisurely days at sea with a great range of different ports of call.  Littered with hundreds of islands with distinct cultures and scenery, the Caribbean is one cruise destination where you will always be spoilt for choice.