Fun Gifts From Your Travels

Choosing gifts and even mementos for ourselves that represent the experiences of a week or the memory of being immersed in a new culture can be tricky. There are more than enough clichés when it comes to gifts from foreign climes to destroy any effort we make to be authentic…

The Miniature Landmark

A holiday gift classic the miniature landmark is ubiquitous the world over. They gather in such numbers in tourist hotspots as to threaten the very space time continuum. Alright, that was over dramatic, but just off Piccadilly Circus in London there is a shop with so many tiny red phone boxes that to knock one over would result in an impromptu domino rally world record. Also they’re not just free standing, oh no. The miniature landmark takes many forms from fridge magnet to bumper sticker and whether it’s the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty, you can probably purchase one housed in a snow globe too.

Fake Designer Goods

You can get it all, Prada, Versace, Rolex, Ray Ban. If you’re on a city break then fake designer goods are a must. Which is peculiar because you’d never buy fake within your own borders, yet step over a line requiring you to show a passport and you can’t wait to go designer, “What do you mean it says ‘Channel’!?”

Location Based T-Shirt

This vacation gift might also be known as the Hard Rock Café phenomenon. This is about t-shirts that clearly state where the wearer has been holidaying of which the Hard Rock Café variety are the best example. However there are variations for just about every destination. ‘My parents went to Vegas and all I got was this lousy t-shirt…’

Traditional Dress

This is a tricky one. On the one hand returning with a traditional item of national dress from your vacation might be a sensible and groovy reminder of your time away. What is not cool though is returning with cheaply made grass skirts, oversized sombreros and clogs, to list a few of the potential offenders.

Novelty Food Stuffs

Interesting culinary delights are a favourite gift for the office. A colleague has been away for a fortnight and returns refreshed, tanned and bearing a bag of sweets or biscuits that are a speciality from their new favourite country. That or they just have a really funny name due to quirks of translation.


Just no. Don’t do this, not only is creepy, weird and against all that is good, most likely it is highly illegal too.

Duty Free

Either you’re a bit lazy or had so much of a good time that the thought of perusing gift emporiums for family back home never even occurred. Of course you might also have kindly offered to pick up alcohol and cigarettes for your vice ridden friends and colleagues. If so, good work you.


Sam C writes for the funny gifts experts at Find Me A Gift and is therefore,well versed to evaluate the merits of the presents we make a point of bringing back from our holiday destinations!