Northumbria is England’s most northern county and is situated on the east coast of the country and just below Scotland. The area offers stretches of coastline the like unseen anywhere else in the world, its own fantastic national park – the most tranquil place in England among a wide array of other wonderful attractions.

Northumbria’s coast is an Area of Outstanding Beauty and is home to a wide array of birds such as geese, who find its spectacular mud flats appealing. This leaves the area in a very positive place for those who wish to see wildlife and enjoy a walk in the fresh salty air. In fact Northumbria offers 64miles of coastal walks between Cresswell and Berwick-upon-Tweed. The Holy Island of Lindisfarne and Druridge Bay offer national nature reserves and sanctuary for wildlife along this walk and amazing vantage points for hikers.

If you choose to stay in one of the many Northumberland cottages available you will be idealled located to explore the North Pennines – Northumbria’s other Area of Outstanding Beauty and a UNESCO European and Global GeoPark and often referred to as the spine of Britain. Cycling, walking and horse riding allow you to witness animals that are sparse in other parts of the UK such as the red squirrel and otters. The area is also popular with fishermen due to the outstanding trout angling in areas such as River South Tyne ad Derwent Reservoir.


Hexham is one of Northumbria’s most attractive urban areas, with the town having a long history of organised settlement from the 6th century onwards. This long period of civilisation has left its mark on the village and there is plenty to see to this present day. Hexham Abbey and the Old Hexham Gaol which was built in 1330 are two wonderful buildings that offer an experience reserved for the North of England. Visitors looking for places to stay in the area can find a wide selection of holiday cottages by searching for Hexham accomodation online

The area is also one of the leading areas for leather work in the UK and came to prominence in this area during the Industrial Revolution. Today there are still some wonderful examples of the craft in many of the local independent shops as well as numerous antique shops. Market day on a Tuesday is also a great day for tourists to immerse themselves in the hustle and bustle and to pick up some fresh local produces. The area is also home to the National Hunt Racecourse, which will delight those interested in a little bit of the sport of kings.

There is a huge onus on fresh food in the area and this translates into some of the restaurants in the area. Langley Castle Restaurant and The Battlesteads offer some of the beat British food for miles around and are certainly worth eating in when in Hexham. The area also has a disperse range of other cuisine, from Thai to French and visitors will be left happy whatever they choose.

Northumbria is one of the UKs prettiest areas, its tranquillity and the availability of adventure ensures the area is a must see for anyone in or coming to the UK.