Interesting pieces of History in New York museums

A lot of significant historical events have taken place in the state of New York. Each of them makes New York the icon it is today. The museums of New York are teeming with artifacts. Looking at all the important and interesting pieces is more than any mind can absorb in a few days. So before you visit New York, do a little research into which kind of museums you will find most interesting. In this article I’ve tried to help you choose the places you should not miss in New York based on where your passions and interests lie.


  • American History: For the lover of American History, New York has so much to offer. If you’re travelling for research on a PhD in this field, there are many museums worth your time. If you’re just an enthusiastic American then you’ll find that these prominent museums will give you more reason to be proud of the people that fought for this country. Here are the top few in the must-see list: The New–York Historical Society, Brooklyn Historical Society, Fraunces Tavern and Federal Hall.
  • Art: Many travel to New York for the latest in fashion and all kinds of art. The Museum of the City of New York has collections of paintings, rare manuscripts, antique furniture, prints as well as a vast collection of photographs of this city. For those interested in more than contemporary art, the Museum of the City of New York is not optional.
  • Religion: There are many Latin American, African, African American, Jewish, Asian museums in New York but Trinity Church stands in a category all on its own. It was built in 1846, designed by architect Richard UpJohn and is unique in design. For this reason it has been considered a National Historic Landmark. Not only is the architecture significant but also the events that have taken place in the presence of this historic landmark are significant.
  • Recent History: Most of us are more familiar with recent history. The World Trade Center site and the National September 11 Memorial and Museum exist for those who want to pay their respects to those who died and the firefighters who gave their lives to protect the citizens of New York city. Ground Zero brings back many memories and helps us remember how brave we as a people have been in the past and will continue to be in the future.
  • Immigration History: New York was and continues to be the gateway for immigrants. Maybe immigration isn’t as big a deal today as it was 100 years ago because travelling has never been as easy as it is today. Places like the Lower East Side Tenement Museum that housed over 7,000 residents over 20 years stand as proof of the lengths people were willing to go to in order to settle in this country. Ellis Island is famous for its immigration inspection station that was in use even till 1954. Sadly this historic location has been damaged since Hurricane Sandy and will hopefully reopen when restoration is complete.
  • Other Interesting Exhibitions: There are many other interesting museums that may or may not have a strong link to history. Discovery’s exhibition center around Times Square is one that is always worth a visit since the exhibitions keep changing and often include interesting historic pieces.

New York has something for everyone. You might think you’ve seen it all after one visit but if you take a closer look you’ll see that New York City has far more to offer than Wall Street, Broadway and the best pizzas. The list of museums here doesn’t even begin to describe the variety of museums that exist. So whether you’re travelling alone or with kids—museums are a great way to connect the past to the present.