Skiathos is a small Greek island in the Aegean Sea. It’s the westernmost of the Northern Sporades islands, about 7 hours from Corfu, and its total land area is just 50km². The town of Skiathos is the islands major settlement with a population of a little over 5,000 people.

Skiathos is an island which is very green. Much of it is covered by a thick pine forest and is protected environment, but there are many wonderful golden sandy beaches here which are bordered by crystal clear waters. This is a well organized holiday spot and there are plenty of facilities here including shops, restaurants, taverns and bars.

Although the main port Skiathos Town is the largest settlement here, there are other villages and areas where there are many hotel complexes and apartments suitable for holidaying in. The beaches are what draw many people here, and it’s not surprising when you take a look along them. Miles of superb sands suitable for sunbathing and enjoying as well as stunning water where you can see clearly down to the bottom of the sea. The most famous beach on the island is Koukounaries and it’s a protected beach. There are a number of others worth considering too however, including Agia Paraskevi, Vromolimnos and Lalaria.

Because this island is very popular for holiday makers, it has developed a lively nightlife mostly concentrated in the capital of the island. Small romantic bars, trendy night clubs, pubs and family friendly bars and restaurants can all be found scattered around the narrow streets here, and there are some quite nice bars available in the other beach resort areas too.

This may be a popular tourist location, but that doesn’t detract from its natural beauty. There are many lovely walks, hidden valleys, caves, rocks and small coves, and if you take time to explore this beautiful island you’ll find many picturesque jewels hidden here.

There are a number of places worth visiting include the house of Alexander Papadiamantis one of Greece’s most popular modern novelists. Kastro a small town that’s now in ruins apart from eight Byzantine churches makes an interesting trip – and if you enjoy walking there is a well marked parth from Skiathos Town which takes around two hours to navigate. The monastery of Evagelistrai is the most appealing of the island’s monasteries and lies in a delightful setting poised 450 metres above sea level.

The monestry is open daily and when completed in 1806 was called ‘the new monastery to distinguish it from the older monasteries of the island.
There are up to five flights a day arriving on the island from Athens, as well as flights in from many other parts of northern Europe making this a very easy place to get to, and enjoy for a holiday.