The Adrenaline City Of Hong Kong

There’s no doubt about it, Hong Kong is a fascinating city – and if you want to kick off your New Year Holiday plans with a bang – check out a week in this high octane setting. Hong Kong is a curious mix with mountains, an intense 24 hour urban lifestyle and the spectacular harbour – full of ships, junk boats and floating restaurants. Hong Kong isn’t known for it’s peace and tranquillity but it’s perfect for city lovers who need an extra shot of city life to relax! Getting there is straightforward – and cheap flights are easily located with a quick internet search.

A Few Things To Do

Hong Kongs’ history is as a colourful and varied as the cuisine – and whatever you consume will be easy to burn off – you’ll be doing lots of walking on very steep hills!

Some of the key sightseeing spots are Chi Lin Nunnery, The Hong Kong Heritage Museum and The Tian Tan Buddha found on Lantau Island. Lantau has a real mix of things to do and see, so in stark contrast to this enormous bronze Buddha, you have Hong Kong Disneyland! There are fantastic viewpoints, and a two mile beach south west of Mui Wo. There are also a couple of calm spots too – such as Tai O, a fishing village, and Mui Wo, a relatively quiet town.

Not to be missed is the view of Victoria Harbour – take the Star Ferry which has been running trips into the harbour since 1888! Around $2.50 will give you one of the most scenic 10 minutes of your holiday – since you can see both sides of the bay, with ultra modern sky scrapers on the lower levels of the mountain range. There are fast and slow ferry’s linking outlying islands with Central Hong Kong so take a few minutes to plan a trip or two with

Hong Kong’s old Chinatown is based in an area known as Western – and it’s a far cry from the glass and the glitz of uptown Hong Kong. This is where you will find old colonial buildings, trams, markets and ancient shops – it’s a real blast from the past and yes, you can have a suit made in two days here.

 Shops Shops Shops

Nathan Road is known as the key shopping street, where you’ll find lots of markets and street vendors – it’s useful to know that many people don’t speak English to don’t be fooled by the English Street names, a left over from colonial times. You will need a map to navigate – since Chinese street names, are nothing like the English street names.

Nightlife Areas

Nightlife can be found in SoHo, Lan Kwai Fong and Wan Chai – and these areas are brim full of places to chill out, and enjoy a cold drink and great meal. Going out is part of everyday life in Hong Kong and Wednesday is a really big night for everyone.

British Airways fly direct – so if the idea of lush, deserted beaches are not your thing – take a look at Hong Kong, it will give you a major adrenalin rush!