Keeping Holiday Travel Costs To A  Minimum

Holidays often end up being more expensive than originally planned for.  There’s no doubt people like to go on holiday and there are some people who manage to find absolute bargains and with the exception of flights, travel costs are not often included within a holiday budget and its not unsual to have a few unexpected trips out on your holiday. Follow our top tips and you should be able to ensure you keep your holiday travel costs to a bare minimum, wherever and whenever you go.

Book In Advance

It’s somewhat obvious and applies to numerous things in life, but the simple fact is the more things you can book in advance, the cheaper you’re likely to be able to get them for.  From the airport transfer (see point number two) through to a rail pass if you’re looking to tour the continent, it can be tempting to simply see what happens when you get to a certain point on your holiday, but unless you’ve got a bottomless bucket of money to spend, a little organisation and pre-planning can help to keep travel costs as low as possible.

Use An Airport Transfer

Getting from the airport to your hotel is a journey where you have several options to choose from, but the cheapest is very often one that’s been overlooked in the past – private airport transfers.  Whilst seemingly once restricted to business travellers, low cost airport transfers have become extremely affordable in recent years and they not only offer you a private transfer from the airport to your hotel in a relaxed, quiet environment, but they could help to save you a small fortune when it comes to your holiday travel costs.  No hassle, no noise and no queues – just a stress-free journey from the moment you pick up your luggage.

Learn How The Local Public Transport System Works

If you’re staying on the outskirts of a resort or you’re wanting to spend a lot of your holiday sightseeing, it can be particularly costly paying for taxis every day.  Similarly, although hiring a car can seem like an affordable idea, once you start adding fuel costs onto the price, it can easily become expensive.  However, speak to the locals or some seasoned travellers as soon as you arrive and once you understand how the local public transport works, you’ll find that your travel costs when in the resort are greatly reduced.

Most people enjoy the oppotunity to travel, but not everyone is a millionaire, and keeping an eye on your budget doesn’t mean you cannot get out and about!