The unspoiled beauty and natural charm of The Lake District in the North West of England attracts more than twelve million people every year. The area is home to dozens of scenic hills and mountains, as well as the very lakes that gave it its name, all of which have provided inspiration and entertainment for millions of visitors since it first became part of the tourist boom in the late 60’s. The Lake District National Park is a much coveted holiday location for all kinds of travellers, from those who like to relax on a peaceful weekend in a luxury lodge, to people who prefer a bit more of an outdoor challenge during their free time – who might like to camp or enjoy nature in one of the many Lake District log cabins available.

This spectacular portion of the English countryside brings visitors from all over the world, who want to experience it’s diverse heritage and rich history. Because of its ties with creativity and the arts, the Lake District is famed for its many festivals, which include; music, literature, film, creative art, mountaineering, and much more. Families visiting during the summer months should also take advantage of the nightly performances held at the Century Theatre. Even during the cold winters, the Lake District has a classical charm all its own, with plenty of local places of interest worth a look, such as museums, pubs and galleries. There’s no need to leave the comforts of home either, with plenty of log cabins and luxury lodges dotted along the stunning coastline, guests can really experience the heart of the Lake District at their leisure.

Outdoor enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice when they visit the Lake District, sports and active pursuits provide a huge boost for the local economy, and they continue to flourish. Guests can try their hand at canoeing or kayaking, hire a bicycle and explore the rolling countryside, go horse riding, rock climbing, or have a go at any of the other water sports on offer. It’s not so surprising, perhaps, that the biggest tourist attraction in the Lake District is the lakes themselves, there are nineteen altogether, and every year the Windermere Lake Steamers carry 1.3million visitors across the waterways. Sightseeing on foot is also immensely popular; there are group tours full of local sights and sounds, as well as walking and rambling trails that pass through the tranquil woodlands and along the coastline. Log cabin breaks are a particularly unique way of experiencing the Lake District, as they provide the perfect base to see all the attractions and take in the amazing scenery, many of them also have parking, which means guests can take advantage of the scenic driving routes that have been mapped out for the surrounding area.