The Perfect Island Holiday

Ibiza is getting ready to put it’s feet up and enjoy a balmy, sun-warmed Autumn. Only a few more club parties to go and this beautiful Island will once more belong to the people who live there. And of course, those visitors who really want to enjoy some late summer sun, good food and warm seas!

quiet cove in ibiza

So, once the door closes on the big farewell party at Wonderland on 1st October – the season begins for another set of people. If you are someone who is happy to enjoy the sun, take a dip in the sea and stroll along miles of sea walks – stopping every now and then for a glass of something crisp and cool, then a trip here could be just the thing for you. Whether you’ve saved your leave, or fancy a long weekend away from it all, there are plenty of flight to Ibiza to choose from; it’s close by, so no jet lag to contend with, and you’ll be enjoying your holiday on within a few hours of take off!

October Sunshine

October in Ibiza is relatively quiet. The clubbing scene has mostly finished – Aurora, on the North side of the Island is open for a few more weeks, if you really need to tap your toes.  Some of the bars and café’s have pulled down their shutters too, but they are in keeping with the club scene, so rest assured, there is still plenty going on. Those that remain are generally family-run, friendly places that are popular with the locals, so you can be guaranteed some quality, fresh dining experiences. The weather is still plenty warm enough to get away with wearing light clothing in the day and the sea is divine – it’s absorbed all that intense summer sunshine from June to September. You won’t have to contend with frozen limbs here – you can just glide into the water without the undignified dance that usually accompanies entry into the sea!

Whatever level of activity you have in mind, there’s always something on offer. The Ibiza tourism website can point you in the right direction for things to do, such as water ski-ing, wind surfing, or kite surfing. For those more accustomed to a steadier pace, you can try out horse riding on the beach. You’ll have access to a realiable “Neddy” and to someone who knows how to handle horses, most reassuring!

If two feet are better than four, take a walk around the Unesco World Heritage old town. You can find out about these walks from Ibiza tourism.  Stepping up a fitness level, there are some beautiful hikes in the hills and mountains. New trails have been established, and maps with directions in English are available on the website. There are now nine routes across the island, from short to long, and graded in difficulty from low to high. Nearly all take in areas of coastline and many visit beaches.

Sporting Adventures

If you’d rather get off your feet to explore, you’re spoilt for choice. There are companies who do mountain biking, with excellent guides who can organise everything you need for a two-wheeled adventure. They’ll draw up a trip to your specifications or you can join in on one of its regular rides, and there are weekend packages available for the more experience cyclist. If sea kayaking is your thing, have a look at Ibiza Mundo Activo  since they offer a range of courses. It’s easy to get into that whole Last of The Mohicans thing, with the sun on your back, and the paddles cutting through the water. It’s a good workout for getting office arms in trim too.  There are also climbing, caving and even canyoning opportunities on the island – so if you feel a need to shake things up a little, you’ll have plenty of chances to push your own boundaries.

At the end of the day, you’ll need to eat – and eating out in Ibiza can be fantastic. However loyal the locals are to family run food outlets, they won’t eat somewhere where the food isn’t up to standard, so always have a look at where the locals are stopping off for supper and follow. You won’t be disappointed. Fish is big on the menu, and it will be great quality.

Ibiza is such a fantastic place to visit in the Autumn, calm, rugged and gloriously warm. Getting there is straightforward – and it doesn’t eat into huge amount of your precious holiday time either. If you haven’t been before, visit Ibiza and it might become one of your autumn essentials for the future.