Sea Life London

Watching Animal Planet and National Geographic on high definition 3D TVs with surround sound systems might make you feel a part of the expedition team, but this experience can not hold a candle to actually being surrounded by the visual treats of the deep seas. Sea Life London Aquarium offers its visitors just that – the opportunity to look a hammerhead in the eye, and even pet a fish or two.

A jewel in U.K.’s crown of 28 aquaria, Sea Life London Aquarium houses over 500 species of marine flora and fauna in more than 2 million liters of water. 14 themed zones spread over 3 floors of County Hall, Riverside Building in London comprise the marine exhibition. Capitalizing on the widely acknowledged fact that every human desires an adrenaline rush once in a while, the gigantic fishbowl has been designed to include features that excite the average man. A visitor may walk over a suspended glass platform and watch sharks swim under his/her feet. The long tunnel that makes you feel like you have walked into the middle of the Atlantic bed is another favorite of the visitors of the aquarium.

The exhibits of this marine museum include 40 sharks belonging to 12 different species, 30 species of plants and foliage, cow nosed rays, home-loving clown fishes (a species popularized among children by the animation movie Finding Nemo), octopuses, green sea turtles and sea horses. Sea Life London Aquarium, unlike most other aquariums, is truly dedicated to the conservation of wildlife, and adds only those creatures to its family that can survive in the artificial environment created. The marine exhibition is also home to some of the rare and endangered species of marine flora and fauna. The two female Cuban crocodiles, who are expecting a male companion in the near future, presented a striking picture basking in their artificial habitat.

The aquarium also hosts a number of events to promote interest for marine life among children and adults, with the intention of motivating them to do their part for the conservation of wildlife.

Besides the feeding and diving sessions, the aquarium also educates its visitors by disseminating information via lectures on its various inhabitants and other aspects of marine life in general. Though the fish bowl’s attributes have something to offer to the people of all age groups, it is the families with kids that derive the maximum benefit from a visit to the aquarium. Since the enthusiasm of the kids skipping along the corridors is infectious, even groups of adults and lone visitors find their spirits lifted, and truly enjoy the aesthetical appeal of the aquarium. The spoilsport of every group is bound to pick up some enthusiasm, as more often than not, a bunch of school children may be found expressing their awe at watching piranhas strip their food to the bone within a few minutes.

This post about Sea Life London was submitted by guest travel writer Sophia Michael who considers that a visit to the aquarium is a must feature in the itinerary of all those paying a visit to London.

Skipping a tour of Sea Life while visiting London is something any tourist might regret.