Best Places For Nature Spotting In Dalyan

When you’re looking for a destination for a wildlife-spotting holiday, Turkey probably isn’t the first country to spring to mind – after all, it’s more commonly association with historical relics and beach resorts. But in Dalyan, you’ll find both of these things, as well as some wonderful areas for nature.



Is located in the south-west of the nation, close to the likes of Marmaris, Oludeniz and Fethiye, but rather than being a bustling tourist resort, it’s still a sleepy village nestled on the delta of the Dalyan River. Simply travelling to the nearest beach (Iztuzu) will present you with wildlife-watching opportunities, as the best way to get there is by boat, which will take you along waterways through the surrounding reed beds.

So, where are the best places to see some of Dalyan’s nature and what exactly can you expect to find?

Iztuzu Beachclose_up_of_turtle

We’ve already mentioned Iztuzu Beach and it’s much more than just a stretch of sand near Dalyan.

The main reason why this part of the Turkish coast has remained so undeveloped is because it is a nesting ground for several species of turtle. One of the most important sites is Iztuzu Beach, where endangered loggerhead turtles lay their eggs between May and October each year.

The areas used for nesting are marked on the beach during the breeding season and nobody is allowed on the sand after dark. However, you may be lucky enough to spot one of these amazing marine reptiles in the sea if you go snorkelling.

Lake Koycegiz

The waterway that runs through Dalyan connects Lake Koycegiz with the Mediterranean Sea. The entire region has been designated a Special Environmental Protection Area, which means it’s the perfect place to spot a whole host of creatures. Birds are in abundance in the region, with kingfishers, white storks, buzzards, cormorants and herons among the species that live around the lake.

To have the best chance of working out which birds you have seen flitting around the water’s edge, pack a pair of binoculars before you jet off for your holiday in Turkey.