Hippy Hippy nights in New York

This guest post was written by Lisa a traveller and blogger for Apartime.com who provides vacation rentals in NYC.

When I went to NYC, I was ready to see business men, fashion addict on high heels and pretty dresses, busy people and what you think Upper East Side locals look like.  But I quickly found out that there are some places where the hip culture was taking over the population. One of NYC’s most famous hipster neighborhoods is Williamsburg, in Brooklyn.

What is hipster culture?

So, let me define what the hip culture is because it seems like many people are some kind of mistaken when they hear the word hipster.

Back in the day, 70 years ago, it was more like an adjective used to describe aficionados of the growing jazz scene. It was used again in the 1990s and until now to describe young adult with independent thinking and lifestyle. People who like to listen to indie alternative music, eat organic, shop in thrift stores and value counter-culture and progressive politics.

NYC’s hipsters

Obviously, the Big Apple is the place to be for hipster culture, but like I said, hipsters are more likely to settle down in some specific neighborhoods than others and Williamsburg is THE district of hip culture in NY. And now the question is: where to meet them, and party with them?

In this district, there is countless number of bars and restaurants. There are many new places opening on a regular basis and some that have a well established reputation.

Williamsburg is the neighborhood to have a great Bloody Mary with many bars that made it their specialty. For those who are real amateur of this spicy cocktail, go to South 4th Bar and Café to make your own Bloody Mary on weekends.

This is also the kind of neighborhood where you can find cool places where drinks are cheap and you are guaranteed to have mind blowing nights. There’s good indie music, great people to meet. It’s where locals go to party.

Some of these places, like Savalas, are not very big, but it doesn’t stop people from going there to dance the night away on the crowded dance floor. Another great and friendly place to go is East River. You will find there, cheap beer, nice people, pool tables, live performance, art exhibitions, etc. It seems like this is a pretty complete bar/restaurant where you can either chill out or have an epic night, what else is there to ask for?

So basically, what you need to know is that, in Williamsburg you can meet great people, party, see great performances, eat delicious food, drink amazing cocktails and finally understand what the so called hipster culture really is. It is possibly the best place to go to have fun and make new friends on the other side of the globe.