When taking on the task of a major vacation, there is no better way to go about it than going through a luxury travel agency. I was very fortunate to come across a first-class travel agency to help me plan an amazing trip to the islands of the South Pacific.


New Zealand Luxury Travel

I decided to go with a travel package that offered me the best of Fiji and New Zealand experiences. The start of my first exposure to New Zealand luxury travel occurred in beautiful Queenstown. With a warm climate and many activities to do, Queenstown is wonderful location for a summer getaway. I stayed in a fantastic lodge with a spectacular view and a full complement of amenities. Not only did I get to enjoy some great walking and biking trails, I also took an unbelievable cruise on Lake Wakatipu. It did not take long to understand that I was truly getting the best of New Zealand luxury travel.


My luxury travel agency also led me to the largest city in New Zealand- Auckland. Visiting the Auckland Zoo was a fun highlight where I viewed their huge collection of exotic and native animals. My New Zealand vacation continued with a thrilling sky walk around the ring of Auckland’s SkyTower observation decks, giving me a spectacular view and quite the adventure. I ventured to the Toi o Tamaki Art Gallery to view their huge collection of New Zealand art that dates back 5 centuries. One of the many benefits of using a luxury travel agency is the amount of great activities you can plan in the time you are afforded.


Making my way to the South Pacific island nation of Fiji, I saw first-hand the tropical climate and lush rainforests. Once again, my travel agency secured me wonderful Fiji accommodation. I decided to make my way through several of the over 300 individual islands that make up the whole country of Fiji. On Natadola Beach, which is located on the main island of Viti Levu, I had my first-ever try at surfing. The white sandy beaches and crystal-clear water was far more attractive than my surfing performance, which was great fun anyhow.

Vanua Levu

When I went to Fiji’s second largest island, Vanua Levu, I wanted to get some relaxation on the last leg of my trip. Even though Vanua Levu is not a big tourist center, there is plenty to do and see there. The summer weather was downright perfect, and the beaches displayed the exceptional Fiji beauty. I took the chance to unwind on a day cruise to see other islands and observe the lovely sights. Saying good-bye to Fiji was much harder to do than it was to set-up my trip.

It was a great idea to go the luxury travel agency route to help plan my adventure. Between Fiji and the New Zealand travel that I did, this was the trip of a lifetime. The only regret I had was not doing it sooner. Next time will be sooner rather than later.