Top Five Areas of Natural Beauty

Why Choose A Holiday To New Zealand?

New Zealand is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination and its alluring qualities arguably lie within its unrivalled areas of natural beauty. As we all continue to work longer hours and the time between our holidays increase, we’ve all search for holidays that allow us the opportunity to mentally and physically unwind. A holiday in New Zealand can offer a laid back atmosphere like nowhere else in the world. From unspoilt coastal retreats to small backcountry towns, you’ll be mesmerised by lush scenery and picturesque views. Let’s take a look at some of the very best areas of natural beauty in New Zealand.


Located around 150 miles South East of Auckland, Rotorua is a stunning area renowned for its geothermal geysers. Of these geysers, the most notorious is Pohutu Geyser which is based in Whakarewarewa. Here you’ll look out upon the vast geyser and marvel at the steam rising from the ground providing a beautiful backdrop to the adorning mountain ranges. In this region you’ll also be able to take a step back into history and learn how the traditional Maori natives used this unique landscape to their advantage by getting involved in cooking activities and watching the impressive Hakka shows.

bubbling geyser nz

Bay of Plenty

Its name is as pure and elegant as its accompanying scenery. Bay of Plenty is a vast location based in the North Island of New Zealand. It’s fairly remote so may be best suited to those backpacking across the island or for those looking exclusively for a secluded getaway. The pure, unspoilt scenery alone is what makes it such a majestic location. This is a serene location which will allow you the opportunity for unrivalled relaxation. Take a walk along the bay at your leisure or into the friendly art-loving town of Katikati. You’ll also have the opportunity to get a closer look at the crystal clear waters by taking to a jet-ski or kayak.


Despite Dunedin being the second largest town on the South Island, as well as being a university town, it retains a certain natural beauty, largely due to it being built upon hills and valleys. In fact, Dunedin was once a huge volcano. In order to fully appreciate the impressive volcanic terrain you can take a trip on the town’s steam train which journeys over the towering Taieri Gorge. The mix of incredible natural landscape and ability to head into an active town without feeling too isolated makes it a perfect for those looking for a relaxing holiday to New Zealand.

Mount Cook, Aoraki

Unsurprisingly, Mount Cook is indeed a mountain. Though not just any mountain, Mount Cook is in fact the highest mountain in New Zealand, topping out at 12,300ft! If you feel like a challenge you may want to climb the mountain for yourself, though those in search of less intimidating activity can go on a guided trek which offers a less intrusive introduction. If you really want to get the most out of this destination, book a plane tour where you’ll not only get to see the mountain at its breathtaking best but you’ll also see the accompanying Hooker and Tasmin glaciers either side.

Milford Sound

milfound sound view in nz

Milford Sound is a fjord situated on the South Island and is located within the huge Fiordland National Park. It attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists per year who opt to go on boat tours between the cliffs to get intimate views of incredible waterfalls. The most notorious of which are the Stirling Falls which fall from up to 480ft high. Milford Sound has been described by some as an eighth wonder of the world and is certain to leave you feeling refreshed and inspired.