Top 5 Unusual Things To Do In Orlando

With its wonderful climate, beautiful beaches and welcoming atmosphere, Orlando, Florida is a popular holiday destination with travellers from across the world. But, while most visitors know about attractions such as Disneyworld, Seaworld and Universal Studios in Florida, there are other sights to see on Orlando holidays that are a little less mainstream – here we look at five top picks of more unusual ways to spend time while visiting the sunshine state.


Located on the South Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando this 110 acre attraction combines a theme park and wildlife preserve, based around one of Florida’s most famous residents. Established in the 1940s, the Gatorland Park is home to some amazing examples of alligators and crocodiles and offers daily shows for visitors to learn more about them. Catch the Up Close Animal Show or the Gator Wrestling for a truly unique holiday excursion experience. The site also incorporates a petting zoo, nature walk and Water Park to keep the kiddies busy all day long.

Holy Land Experience

Built on Vineland Road, the Holy Land Experience is a bible-themed theme park, where visitors can meet and greet with characters from the scriptures. Wander the streets of Jerusalem or tour the Scriptorium Centre for Biblical Antiquities before taking in a bible-themed show such as Praise Through the Ages or the Wilderness Tabernacle.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not

Orlando is home to the “Odditorium” which houses a number of bizarre exhibits collected by the famous Robert Ripley. Items on shoe on the one-hour museum tour include a two-headed calf, a car built entirely from matchsticks and a copy of the Mona Lisa fashioned from slices of toast. There is also a piece of the Berlin wall. The museum can be found on International Drive – and can be recognised by its inspired and odd architecture since the building sits on a slants as if being swallowed by the earth.

Titanic – The Experience

This attraction, on International Drive, Orlando, is the first permanent exhibition devoted to the lost ship and those who perished on and survived her ill-fated maiden voyage. View pieces of Titanic memorabilia as well as items that featured in the 1997 blockbuster film, and recreate the famous staircase meeting on a full-scale replica set.


Also along International Drive in Orlando is the Wonderworks experience. Billed as the city’s “only upside-down attraction” this interactive experience offers a wide range of exciting hands on attractions. Try your hand at sports in cyberspace with virtual reality games or have a game of real life laser tag in the oversize-shooting arena. Experience the power of the weather in a hurricane simulator or discover what it is like to live through an earthquake. Visitors can also see the spectacle of the Outta Control Magic Show on the Wonderworks site – making this a great venue to while away a few hours and enjoy some family fun.