Peru The Perfect Big Holiday Destination

Peru is the third largest country in South America after Brazil and Argentina. It’s diverse landscape, ranges from impressive mountain ranges and secluded beaches to dry deserts and tropical rainforests. The majority of Peruvians live in cities located along the Pacific coastline and this is also where Peru’s capital, Lima is also located.


Interesting Facts About Peru

Along the west coast of Peru there is strip of desert known as the Chimú.  Though the coastal desert only covers around ten per cent of Peru’s landscape, it remains home to almost half of Peru’s population.

We’ve all heard of the Amazon rainforest but did you know that it covered nearly half of Peru? The mystery of the Amazon rainforest attracts tourists, adventurists and scientists, who want to experience and learn more about what is still relatively unknown territory. There are still Indian tribes located in the Peruvian Amazon who have never been in contact with those outside the Amazon. If you want the chance to explore an Amazon trail, there are some great  Tailor made holidays to Peru  recommended for those who want to get to experience all that Peru has to offer.

Popular with hikers, The Andes are the world’s second highest mountain range. With snowcapped peaks disappearing into the clouds,  Inca natives considered these mountains as being empowered by the Gods. If you are thinking of taking holidays to Peru in 2012 for some serious hiking experiences,  visit between April and September, when the temperatures are more comfortable during the day. The air is thinner too – so get in peak condition before you travel.

Due to its complex ecology its an ideal destination for wildlife lovers. Due to the Amazon rainforest, Peru is one of the best countries for unusual species of plant and animals. There are over six thousand plants in Peru!

The former capital city of Peru, Cusco, was build over six hundred years ago the Inca. They also built the city of Machu Picchu, situated within the Andes. Cusco remains one of the largest cities in Peru.

If you like absorbing a variety of different cultures, Peru is a melting pot of some of the world’s most interesting people.  Of the 30 million Peruvian people, Peru is populated by a large majority of Spanish, European, African and Asian descendents.  Here are a few famous ones:

Nolberto Solano – Footballer. Nobby, as he is known in England, is regarded as one of the best Peruvian footballers of all time and played for Peru 95 times. His image can be seen on some Peruvian postage stamps!

Sofia Mulanovich – Surfer. Professional surfer Sofia Mulanovich is another famous Peruvian sportsperson, having become the world’s number one female surfer in 2004.

Mario Vargas Llosa – Writer. Llosa is  one of the most revered novelists in Latin America. His novels are influenced by his experiences of life in Peru.

Tupac Amaru II – Indigenous rebel. Tupac Amaru led an uprising in 1780 against Peru. He was born in 1742 and given the title of Marquis of Oropesa by the Spanish authorities.

Paddington Bear – Bear! Yes, that’s right, English literature’s favourite bear is actually an immigrant bear originating from Peru. Though he hasn’t got his own postage stamp just yet!

3 Mysterious Attractions To Visit In Peru

Due to the complex landscape and large mix of cultures, Peru has a wide range of weird and wonderful attractions to visit for tourists. Some of them are areas of historical interest, some are accessible only to a brave and some remain as mysteries. Here are a few inspiring locations that have been discovered:

Nazca Lines

nazca-spider-image-in-peruThe Nazca lines are located along the Northern coast between the cities of Nazca and Palpa. These enormous drawings include spiders, fish, monkeys and lizards and were estimated at having being created between 200 BC and 700 AD.

Due to their significant size, they were not discovered until the 1920’s when Peruvian airlines spotted them from the air. You can take a helicopter tour above the region for the best views of the lines.

Uros Islands

These islands floating on Lake Titicaca are one of Peru’s favourite tourist attractions. They are man made, built from dried totora reeds and are situated 12,000 feet high, making them the highest lakes in the world, navigated by man. The islands are rebuilt by the people on the islands every three months. Tourists are invited to take tours around the lakes, making stops at the various islands.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is a series of secluded ruins based in the Urubamba River Gorge. The ruins, from the Incan era, include  temples and other Incan architecture. Due to its isolated location, it remained intact during the infamous Spanish invasion.  Machu Picchu was re-discovered in 1911 by Hiram Bingham and has been left untouched – its unrivalled for atmosphere and authenticity.