The Top 5 Pub Crawls in Europe

For the uninitiated or for those that have never heard the term before, a pub crawl involves traveling from one pub to another with a group of people and having a drink in each. Although the idea of pub crawls has been around for many years, organized pub crawls are becoming more popular, and many European cities are getting in on the act. One of the best ways to take in a new city (and to experience it in a way you wouldn’t in the daytime) is to go on a pub crawl. If you’re traveling with a few friends, they can be a fun way to enjoy yourselves. If you’re traveling solo, pub crawls are a great way to meet new people and make a few friends along the way. Here are 5 of the best!

Big Night Out Pub Crawl, London

The  Big Night Out Pub Crawl’ is perhaps London’s biggest pub crawl, and runs 365 days a year. Starting at 7:30pm in Leicester Square, this pub crawl takes in many of London’s biggest and best pubs/bars. The cost of tickets is £13 if booking online or £15 on the day, and will gain you entrance to several pubs and bars.

The Monopoly Pub Crawl, London

Ever played the board game ‘Monopoly’? Those that have will know that each square (or ‘property’) is based on a different street of London. The aim of the Monopoly pub crawl is to travel to a pub on each of the streets listed on the board game, and is a great way for tourists to get historic tour of London whilst having fun.  You can either travel to each pub in the order they’re laid out on the Monopoly board (i.e. starting at Old Kent Road and ending at Mayfair), or you can travel to each location in the most efficient order (which involves a lot less traveling and is the recommended way of doing things).

Ultimate Party Pub Crawl, Amsterdam

The aptly named ‘Ultimate Part Pub Crawl’ has been a massive success since its inception 6 years ago, and now operates a relentless 7 nights a week. There are actually two pub crawls to choose from here: The Leidseplein pub crawl and the Red Light pub crawl. The Leidseplein pub crawl is oriented more towards those who like to dance, as it gains you entry to 6 clubs (and gives you 6 free drinks) for €20.

The International Party Pub Crawl, Prague

Prague has recently become THE place for stag weekends, as its cheap drink prices and fine choice of pubs make it the perfect place for one last big night out. This pub crawl starts at 8pm every night (all year round) and takes in 4 bars and 1 club to finish the night off in. The price of the pub crawl is €19.85, and gets you free entry into each location and one free shot in each.

Split Pub Crawl, Split, Croatia

The Split pub crawl runs every night from 9pm, takes in 4 venues and costs €12. The pub crawl starts with a 60 minute  ‘power hour’. If you still want more, you’ll head to two more bars before ending up at a nightclub on the beachfront. Described as the “best night you will never remember”, the Split pub crawl is a great way to spend a night when in Croatia.  Remember, pub crawls are a marathon, not a sprint!  One drink per stop is perfectly acceptable, and will improve your chances of making it to the end of the night.

This guest post was written by Nick Smith. Nick writes about how to volunteer abroad for free at You can find him on Twitter as @WorldInhabit.