Shop Local And Look After Your Holiday Environment

Are you one of those  lucky people who has the opportunity to travel on a regular basis, either for business or pleasure?  You are? Well, being a frequent flyer, you will no doubt always remember to take your annual travel insurance policy,  your favourite toiletries and have efficient packing down to a fine art. Travel is such an amazing experience, but it’s easy to forget the enjoyment is having an impact.

poolside showers with palm trees
We know that flying emits harmful emissions into the environment, but there are other ways that tourists cause damage. However, there are several, easy things that travellers can do to reduce their injurious effects on foreign shores.

Look After Your Waste

Firstly, when you are packing, throw your waste away before you leave. For example, remove the plastic wrapper and direct mail inserts from magazines and cut out labels from new clothes and discard plastic and cardboard wrappers from holiday items. It is easy to recycle waste here in the UK but it might not be something so readily available or practiced in you vaction destination. This means  British waste could very likely end up in a landfill site.

Support the local economy by buying local goods and services. If safe to do so, steer clear of international, “big bucks” brands. Try a regional beer rather than an imported one. Eat in authentic, independent restaurants and leave the well-known fast-food chains alone – you can seek these out at home!

Ways To Save Water

Remember to use resources carefully and try not to forget that even though you may not directly pay the bills, resources still need to be managed.  It doesn’t mean that you should use hot water, heating or electricity to excess. While many large hotels operate a power system for the shower, which relies on having your key in a fob, i.e. the water will only come on when you are in the room, others don’t have this facility. It’s also a good move to turn off all your room lights if you are not going to be in your room.

You might also be interested in finding out about ways to offset your carbon footprint. Many airlines for instance, will have a facility to do this – for example, they can pledge to plant oxygen-producing trees on your behalf which can help combat climate change.