Weirdest Restaurants in London

Eating out in London’s diverse restaurants is a stimulating affair, but there comes a time when three well-worn courses just doesn’t cut the mustard. Adventurous diners will get a kick out of some of the capital’s choicest bizarre eateries, offering everything from lightless dining to revolving tables. You don’t need a Michelin star to get in the way of enjoying these restaurants – they are designed for off-the-wall pleasures, both culinary and aesthetic.


Tucked away in upmarket Mayfair, the Abracadabra takes dining to dizzy dimensions by introducing movement into the mix. How often have you sat in a restaurant straining your neck to admire the decor, longing to see the entire eatery? With Abracadabra’s 360-degree revolving tables, customers can see every visible inch of the restaurant as well as other diners – you can enjoya new view every few minutes! Pop downstairs to the HeyJo Club after the meal, where the  fun continues with an interactive walls, floor and ceiling.

Dans Le Noir

Dine in the dark at this truly unique foodie funhouse, where you’ll spot neither the morsels on your plate nor your companions across the table. Disconcerting it may be, but you’re in good hands with the waiting staff attending to your every need amid the pitch-black surroundings – they too, cannot see. Spillages and neglected table manners are OK here. For another ‘blind’ touch, the more courageous can choose from an unseen menu with only their curious taste buds to guide them. You might not become a regular here after fumbling around for your own fork, but as a sensory culinary experience it has few rivals.


Right in the heart of Theatreland, Covent Garden’s Sarastro serves Mediterranean delights in an opulent stage-style setting, complete with stalls, dress circle, balcony seats and ten eye-catching opera boxes in a diverse variety of styles. Kick off a theatre break in one of the capital’s great restaurants with a pre-show meal overlooking the other patrons from your own royal box, between bites you can gaze at the performing arts paraphernalia adorning the walls. The spectacular Turkish decor recalls lush Arabian scenes, and live opera on selected dates adds to the ambience of this dramatic eaterie.


Embark on an exotic culinary voyage at Archipelago, offering outlandish meats including wildebeest, ostrich, crocodile and kangaroo. Try a few flavours from across the world – particularly pioneering customers may want to indulge in chili locusts or garlic crickets, perhaps concluding with crunchy, chocolate-covered scorpions. Guests reaching for the panic button or bucket, can enjoy more traditional dishes among the plush decoration, but where’s the weirdness in that?

Cellar Door

Fronted by a small walkway leading underground like a mini Tube station, the Cellar Door in Holborn is an outrageous, intimate cabaret bar. Once a gentlemen’s toilet (!) the bar is bursting with eccentric features including mirrored walls and transparent toilet doors which turn mercifully opaque when locked. Enjoy a taste of snuff in various spicy flavours, a depraved cocktail  and settle down for the joyous debauchery of contemporary cabaret and burlesque. Entrance if free if you have reserved a pew!

Whether looking for something weird or just plain tasty, spice up your London break with one of the capital’s great restaurants.