Great Destinations For Rock Climbers

Rock climbing is a truly exhilarating experience, and if you’re a bit of a seasoned climber, you can explore destinations and experience sights which many will never have the chance to see. Climbing to the heights and summits of stunning rock formations and mountains will give you a bird’s eye view of the surrounding scenery, and both this and the thrilling climb are major lures for anyone with a head for heights.


If you’re heading off on a rock-climbing holiday then it’s a great idea to combine such trips into driving getaways whether you’re staying close to home or venturing further afield. Many locations offer budget car hire, which allows you to carry your camping and climbing gear around with you instead of hauling it onto public transport or having to hire it at your destination. This is a huge luxury and you’ll really discover the benefits of having a hire vehicle whilst you’re away, especially as it’ll allow you to spend more time climbing and less time organising and travelling.

Rock Climbing USA

There is an enormous variety of great rock climbing destinations. If you’re exploring the United States there are two very famous and stunning places which you should try and climb. These are Arizona’s Spider Rock and California’s Yosemite National Park. One of the large benefits of Yosemite National Park is that it offers a wide range of climbs for beginners through to seasoned pros, allowing you to indulge in your passion whatever your level. A granite monolith soaring to 3,000 feet is a great challenge, only topped by the 100 million year old granite cliff face, which has become renowned for having almost no joints.

Arizona’s Spider Rock is located in Canyon de Chelly National Park. In addition to being an awe-inspiring climb, the rock holds a Navajo legend that the deity Spider Woman made her home in the canyon. Not the cartoon of course, but Spider Woman, or Spider Grandmother, is the name that Navajo indians gave to the being who they believe to have created all life.

South America

If you want to explore South America then Canaima National Park, bordering Guyana, Brazil and Venezuela, offers Mount Roraima. Standing 9,219 feet tall, Mount Roraima is said to have inspired Sir Arthur Conon Doyle’s ‘The Lost World’, and is one of the oldest geological formations on the planet. It’s also a Unesco World Heritage Site!

South Africa

South Africa is a rising star on the tourist scene, and for rock climbers it promises the climb of Pearl Mountain. Located 37 miles outside of Cape Town, the mountain is one of the largest outcroppings of granite on the planet and is a huge challenge even for experienced climbers due to its smooth rock faces. Meanwhile, Europe’s best climbing destination is Meteora in Greece. Translating loosely to ‘suspended rock’, Meteora is located near Kalampaka and Thessaly, and with its rock towers home to Orthodox monasteries it offers a spiritual climb.

There is no greater thrill than to reach the summit of your chosen rock climbing challenge. And if you only attempt a few of the world’s greatest climbs, you’ll be in that rare club of people who have seen the world from a different perspective.