Leaving the Resorts Behind in Sharm el Sheikh

For years, Sharm el Sheikh has become known as one of the premier destinations for sun lovers who want to stay in top class resorts and some of the regions best beaches. For these reasons, Sharm el Sheikh is one of the best places for cheap holidays abroad.

But it’s important to remember that there is much more to Sharm than just sun, sea and sand. Sharm el Sheikh has some stunning natural wonders, national parks and cultural attractions which add a totally different feel to the area. If you are considering a visit, make sure you experience at least one of the cultural marvels Sharm can offer.

St. Catherine’s Monastery

Egypt is famous for its ancient and cultural history. Most people know something about the history of Pharoahs, and will be be able to instantly recognise the pyramids! But do you know that the place where Moses is said to have received the Ten Commandments from God is located in Egypt and is within visiting distance of Sharm el Sheikh? If the answer is “no”, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Found in Sinai, St. Catherine’s Monastery can be reached from Sharm and is a must for anyone interested in religious history or mythology.  The holiest and most popular part of the monastery is the large living shrub that is thought to be a direct descendent of the burning bush Moses is said to have seen in the famous Bible story. This is well worth a visit during sharm el sheikh holidays.

Ras Mohamed National Park

 What is so special about this national pa? Part of the Ras Mohamed National Park is located underwater and is one of the world’s most popular dive sites. Around 12km from Sharm el Skeikh, Ras Mohamed is home to over a thousand species of tropical fish and more than 170 species of coral. Although there are dry parts of the park, the whole area is dominated by the sea and the majority of the sights you will want to enjoy will be underwater. Do not worry if you don’t fancy learning how to dive – you can always snorkel your way around. Just remember to pack your underwater camera so that you cpture a few memories!

Desert Adventures

The sand in Sharm el Sheikh is not just confined to the beaches. If you want to experience a sandy environment but you have had enough of the packed beaches, head into the desert. Off road driving, camel and horse rides, quad biking – it is all possible from your base in Sharm. You can even sand board down the huge dunes. Desert activities such as these are great fun and are away from the crowds. What more could you want?


A visit to Sharm el Sheikh is quite different to many cheap and cheerful beach holidays – and its a long way from booking a cheap holidays to tenerife . Egypt is a country that does culture and beach holidays better than most – and a break in Sharm will offer you great food, diving, snorkelling, history, culture and lots of good, old fashioned beach fun. It’s a great place for a winter break!