Planning a Hedonistic Skiing Holiday

Whilst the main aim of most ski holidays is to get some decent time on the slopes and to carve your way down the mountains many of us also like to spend the evenings going out, trying the bars – the parties and generally putting it out there!

Of course skiing still needs to be first class-  and we can’t forget to ensure that we’re adequately covered for any mishaps – with  ski travel insurance offered by Columbus Direct we’re secure to fun and frolic without worry – skiing and safety first, spirits second in my book! With that tiny obligatory warning taken care of, we  look at some of the best resorts for party goers and ones that entertain you as much in the way of nightlife as they will with skiing.


We’ll start off in France because it’s still one of the best party destinations and it’s the closest. Val D’isere and Chamonix are the two best places to head to, and they’ve long been incredibly popular with European tourists for the lively bars and tacky discos littering the towns. The beautiful scenery from these two locations including the incredible Mont Blanc at Chamonix make them the perfect destinations for terrace top drinking after a hard day on the slopes. The skiing on offer here is amongst the best in the world and we’d really recommend you do hit the slopes – even if only for an hour a day!

The rest of the Alps have some well-known part destinations with Zermatt in Switzerland and St.Anton in Austria being amongst some firm favourites with great clubs and great bars.


Looking further afield in Europe we have the up and coming Bulgaria with Rila, Pirin, Rodope, Vitosha all offering great locations and great skiing at a relatively low price. The budget nature of Bulgaria means that there’s plenty of cheap entertainment on offer and round the clock happy hours. This plus the jumble of cheapo shops and rowdy late night discos is slowly making this the destination for party goers. Of course when the prices start rising this might change but for now but Bulgaria remains a firm favourite.

For cheap skiing cover try Travel Insurance Web as they also offer low cover against competitors.  In Eastern Europe generally there are a variety of first class countries and destinations that attract the hedonistic travellers. Montenegro may be expensive but if you’re prepared to splash out there are amazing bars and nightlife all over the shop. Likewise in Slovenia –  the nightlife is great and there is plenty of snow to keep you occupied.

Breckenbridge Colarado

Finally we have a look across the oceans to the US. Breckenridge in Colorado is one of the most lively night spots in any ski resort anywhere. It attracts thousands of young Americans anxious to party every year as well as featuring fantastically good slopes – some of which are nice and gentle; perfect for the morning after. The bars here are lively and packed and the nightclubs stay open late into the morning. This is one of our favourite skiing destinations period and well worth a few drinks in.