With a struggling economy, individuals and families are often forced to make sacrifices. One of the first things to go is oftentravelling and holidays. Airline fees and hotel costs are simply too high, and it’s difficult for many people to afford. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Savvy shoppers can use social media in various ways to find great deals on travel costs, as well as other special perks to improve the vacation experience.


The obvious place to start is Facebook. Airlines and hotels often have a Facebook account that allows them to publish special deals and promotions. Following these accounts will allow you to stay updated as new deals come out, and you’ll be among the first to know. You may also find promotions that aren’t published elsewhere, allowing you to take advantage of every opportunity that comes along.

Of course, Facebook also presents another opportunity. By following an airline or hotel’s page, you’ll be able to connect directly with the company and their social media managers. By commenting on posts and showing genuine interest in the company’s services and activities, you may be able to develop a relationship with them. This may take some time, so it’s best to begin several months before a planned vacation if possible. After developing a relationship with a company, you may be able to privately ask about social media discounts and other special deals available to valued customers.


This same approach can also be employed on Twitter. By following the accounts of a select few companies, you can be active and attempt to develop a relationship with them. If you receive a follow back, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to communicate directly with the person in charge of social media for the company. Customers who show a genuine interest in the company often find that they are afforded better deals than the general public, as well as special perks and upgrades. You may also be able to use this relationship to receive advice on the best places to visit, helping you to avoid the typical tourist traps and get the most out of your vacation.

In addition to saving money on the trip, you can also leverage your social network connections to improve your vacation experience once you reach your destination. Consider searching Twitter for people living in the area you wish to visit. Over time, you can build up a list of local people who may be able to assist you in finding the best places to visit or grab a bite to eat. Knowing locations that are popular with locals can help save you extra money and avoid the dreaded tourist traps that travel agencies often recommend. This can be a valuable tool in making sure you have the best possible vacation experience.

The next time you’re planning a vacation, consider putting social media to work for you. With a little effort and a bit of know-how, you may be able to save yourself some money and improve your vacation experience in the process.

Nicole Rodgers has been blogging in the travel, business, and technology industries for three years. When Nicole traveled last year she made sure to check online for deals on vacation rentals in order to save money on her trip. To plan for her trip this year Nicole made sure to check for deals. She made sure to look for her local daily deals and online deals in order to save money on airfare.