The Local Way

Spain is a fascinating and diverse country, but many visitors never get past the crowded beaches of the big Mediterranean resorts. Their experience of Spain is often days lying on sun-loungers, and nights spent in theme bars without ever sampling the real Spain.   So visit Spain, and really experience it – the food, the music, the wine – the beautiful coastlines and countryside, just off the beaten track! And its much easier to feel at home, if you understand some basics of the language.

Learn A Little Spanish

Spanish is one of the easiest languages in the world to learn. It has simple grammar, with most verbs conforming to general rules. Knowing even a little of the language is a great way to make sure you can find your way around Spain like a local and even make some new friends. Evening spanish courses   are easy to find – and a quick search of Spanish courses London and you will find that the big city colleges offer flexible learning. Alternatively, book a short residential course in Spain as part of your trip.

Finding Spanish Food

Eating like a local is a great way to experience the culture of any country. Spanish cuisine goes far beyond paella  – as tasty as that is! The Spanish diet relies on fresh ingredients and is generally very healthy. Visit backstreet restaurants and local markets to see what the locals really eat. At a tapas bar, you can try lots of different small dishes, such a lightly fried fish, olives, pimento and capers. Of course, over a glass of sherry, it become easier to put yourself out there and start up a conversation!

Spanish Nightlife and Entertainment 

The Spanish love to party!  Most won’t leave for a night out until at least 10pm, taking advantage of the warm evenings. Often, a night out will begin with a visit to several favourite tapas bar – for they are a great place to start things off with light food and a chat with friends. Head to a flamenco club to experience some real Spanish dancing and music. There are few activities more Spanish than a night spent dancing in a flamenco bar. The Spanish also love to dance to mainstream music, and will often head out to a nightclub at around 2 or 3am – they have great staying power!

Dressing to Blend In

Respect local clothing customs and you’ll find it much easier to blend in. Most Spanish people like to dress fashionably rather than casually, and will certainly dress up for a night out. Most also don’t tend to show too much flesh – short skirts and shorts are fine for the beach, but it’s best to dress a little more conservatively when you are out and about in town.  There are lots of unique boutiques to be found in Spainish cities – but if feel at home in a store environment, try out the fabulous chain store – Corte Englaise  – most towns have one, and the quality of all the produce is fantastic.