Student’s Guide To An Awesome Ski Holiday In Europe

A ski-ing holiday is one of the most popular vacations around and you can find skiing resorts the world over offering amazing slopes. For students, it might seem a bit on the expensive side, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great skiing holiday. Let’s take a look!


Diary Dates

If you do a little research, you’ll see that most of the more popular ski resorts have annual or bi annual events that specialise in student vacations. If you are smart and pick the right time, you might find yourself in a full-on party atmosphere that would rival any other 18-30s style holiday.  They’ll also be hundreds of other students enjoying life on the slopes and in the bars too. Look out for student events and special promotions – such as half board which includes wine!

Where And When To Go?

Les Deux Alps resort in France has the famous nightclub “Avalanche” and a vibrant nightlife scene, as well as world class slopes. They are very welcoming to students all year around and the resort is the second oldest in the country. The Czech Republic also has Krkonose as its most popular resort. Here you will find some of the cheapest beer in Europe! Bulgaria also has a growing Ski industry with resorts like Bovorets coming into it’s own. December and January are generally the cheapest months for skiing in Europe, but ski-ing in the summer is possible, with glacier ski-ing – great resorts are Tignes, Hintertux, Kaprun, and Zermatt are perfect for mountaineering, hiking, paragliding and even bear viewing…there are dozens of activities on offer, and if you love the atmosphere so much,you can use your skills and train to become a ski-ing instructor for the summer holiday. Many jobs include your bed and board, all the activity you can handle and a bit of spending money – could be the answer your summer holiday dilemma!


What Can You Expect?

Guest DJ sessions, ski-ing and snow boarding competitions, all night raves and plenty more are offer. Some resorts, such as Austria’s Ischgl resort host big name musical events at the end of the ski season – Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue and Mariah Carey have all belted out songs from the ski-slopes! This year, you’ve a choice of 42 events during March and April in Ishgl. Concerts take place at the top of the mountain ranges – at all hours of the day and night. Xavas have a soul and rap set on April 1st, at 2,300 metres altitude and The World Rookie Finals are set for April 4th – no matter what you enjoy – if it’s linked to ski-ing and fun  you’ll find something to enjoy! And remember, you don’t need to blow your money on expensive ski gear, just borrow or rent the basics. The slopes are for skiing, not posing and you can do all the posing you want at the nightclubs later on!

How Good A Skier Do You Need To Be?

You don’t need to be any kind of expert to head to a ski resort. The basics can be picked up really easily and after that, it’s all about practice. If you are unsure on two feet, you can book a snow mobile, scoot over the slopes on a toboggan, or try out some thigh developing cross country ski-ing! Whatever way it turns out, you’ll be having fun in the bars and clubs in the evening at the end of each day and you will find that the social scene at these types of resort often blows away your expectations. There are great deals to be found online for lone students, small groups and even whole classes, so why not head for the slopes this year and try something new?

Brian blogs on student vacations and travel options.