When looking for a unique dining experience, sometimes the usual restaurants can be a little underwhelming, even if the food and service are wonderful. Instead, sometimes the opportunity to eat somewhere which is completely different, and breathtakingly beautiful too is required – somewhere which will be a talking point for months or years to come.

So what are your options? In London there is a restaurant where diners eat in pitch darkness, to encourage them to experience food and flavours in a totally new way. And in Dubai there is a restaurant entirely made of ice. But for a really stunning alternative, around there world there are several underwater restaurants where you can eat amongst the sights and sounds of the deep blue sea.


The most famous of these is in the Maldives. The Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa in Rangali Finolhu has an underwater restaurant called Ithaa, which means “pearl”. 16 feet under the Indian Ocean, guests have panoramic views of the surrounding coral reefs, as well as all the fish and sharks which swim by. Seating up to 14 people, the transparent archway the guests sit beneath provides an incredible vision of sea life, an unbeatable accompaniment to the four courses of local cuisine and top class champagnes.

At the Anantara Kihavah Villas, also in the Maldives, is the Sea Restaurant. Boasting superb service and gourmet food, this underwater dining venue is larger than Ithaa, but shares the same intimate and highly exclusive nature. This “Sea. Fire. Salt. Sky.” dining experience promises unforgettable food, outstanding chefs, and food with deep and complex flavours, followed by drinks in the Rooftop Bar.

Red Sea Star Underwater Restaurant

In Eilat in Israel is the Red Sea Star Underwater Restaurant, Bar and Observatory. As well as serving delicious food and offering a unique under-the-sea view of the Red Sea, this restaurant is unique in that it is also part of an environmental effort to preserve the surrounding coral reef. Shaped like a star, this establishment describes its diners as having a “dry diving experience”, as its 62 windows look out to tropical fish and coral. Open at night as well as during the day, the view from within the Red Sea Star restaurant provides a totally different sight of the sea, as it remains softly lit to avoid disturbing the natural flora and fauna.

Al Mahara

The Al Mahara (which means “oyster) restaurant in Dubai, while not actually underwater, provides a very similar experience for diners. Guests sit surrounding a huge, floor-to-ceiling aquarium, complete with a simulation of a submarine ride to get there. For those who are perhaps fearful of the total immersion experience, the Al Mahara could be perfect.

Poseidon Underwater Resort

And we can look forward to more of these incredible underwater experiences in the future. Being built right now is the Poseidon Underwater Resort in Fiji which will be an entire holiday resort under the sea, including six restaurants and seven bars.

For an unforgettable meal for that very special occasion, these restaurants are excellent choices. Delicious food, an intimate atmosphere and a completely unique experience combine to provide the perfect location for a very memorable experience.

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