When deciding on where to take your annual vacation, it’s important to consider the hotel that you will be staying in as well. This isn’t only important for the reason of pricing, but also how the hotel blends in with the theme of your vacation. Below is a list of various themed hotels.

The Ice Hotel: Sweden

This magnificent hotel is rebuilt annually with 10,000 tons of ice cut from the Torne River. The design changes yearly but always includes its ice chapel, art exhibition hall, cinema and the world renowned Absolute Ice Bar.

Kamalame Cay: Your own personal exclusive tropical island

This pristine island, located in the Bahamas, caters to the adventurer in you. Only accessible via sea plane or ferry, this 96-acre piece of heaven offers fine Caribbean cuisine, snorkelling and fishing. The island also boasts a natural picturesque fresh water pool. The Kamalame Cay is an ideal getaway for not only the adventurer but also offers four star luxury hotel accommodation, ideal for that romantic getaway.

The Otter Inn: Vasteras Sweden

The Otter Inn, also known as the Utter Inn (Swedish), is unique in the fact that its rooms are submerged underwater. All that is visible of the hotel form above the water is a floating red house. This hotel is definitely not for the claustrophobic as guests are dropped off and the boat only returns in the morning.

The Jail Backpackers: Mount Gambier, South Australia

This Prison was built in 1864 and has now been renovated to serve as a backpackers’ lodge that offers reasonably priced rooms for adventurers on a budget. The Mount Gambier area is well known for its variety of outdoor activities, the most famous of which is undoubtedly Blue Lake. This breath taking lake is located inside of a volcano.

Angel’s Wine Tower: Radisson Blu Stansted Airport Hotel

Europe’s first wine tower, Angels’ Wine Tower, offers a thrilling and delicious dining experience with more than 4,000 bottles of wine in a soaring glass case and unique entertainment from live bar angels. Once ordered, the angels fly into the air to retrieve the selected bottle. Standing out among restaurants in this hotel at Stansted Airport, Angels’ Wine Tower Bar presents this special feature alongside artisan sandwiches, gourmet pizza and pasta and other delicious light meal options.


The Queen Mary: Long Beach

If a stay in a disused prison in not adventurous enough for you then why not try staying in a haunted hotel/ship. This ship was used as troopship during World War II, it’s been said that the most haunted area of the ship is the first class swimming pool area. It’s been reported that the ghostly figures of women dressed in antique swimwear have been spotted along with mysterious wet footprints leading to the change rooms. This hotel offers not only haunting but also historic tours along cabaret shows and world class dining.

Parrot Nest Lodge: Cayo, Belize

If bird watching is more up your alley, then this resort should be your first point of call. Parrots Nest is situated high in the tress on the border of the Mopan River. The location of the resort is ideal for observing the abundant birdlife. Birds, however, will not be your only visitors as giant iguanas have made this resort their home as well.

If none of these unique hotels tickle your fancy, then why not consider taking your vacation in picturesque Ireland – which offers various holiday types for travellers, from self catering accommodation to four star luxury accommodations. If this seems more your pace, then why not book with a hotel in Ireland and experience this emerald treasure for yourself?

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