Out of the Ordinary Eateries

Choosing a great restaurant in London can be a complicated affair. London boasts one of the greatest stocks of restaurants in the world, with quaint one-off eateries, world-renowned Michelin-starred haunts and countless celebrity chefs. However, whetting the appetite of hungry tourists is becoming a much more difficult task, and many are looking for a dining experience with a difference. When visiting the capital, why not try these unusual London restaurants, and have an exciting culinary story to take home with you.


Dans Le Noir

Step into the mystery and wonder of the world-famous Dans Le Noir in trendy Clerkenwell. The clue is in the name here, with guests dining in complete darkness, and waited on by blind staff. As well as being an undoubtedly odd setting, Dans Le Noir encourages diners to completely re-evaluate their approach to eating. Losing one of the senses means diners can enjoy tastes, textures and smells of the sublime French cuisine like never before. Guests choose from colour-coded menus of meat, fish and vegetarian options, or a taste of the unknown from the ‘chef’s surprise’ selection. A lit bar and lounge offers a tranquil setting for enjoying cosmopolitan cocktails before and after your dinner of darkness!

Medieval Banquet

Brimming with charm, The Medieval Banquet in London takes a step back to yesteryear; 1529 to be precise. Housed within 1000 years of history, gnarled wooden tables and vaulted exposed brickwork make the setting for a sumptuous banquet of traditional treats. With a philosophy of eating, drinking and generally being merry, simmering market vegetable soup and roast chicken with honey-glazed vegetables are served alongside hearty tankards of ale. Spectacular medieval-style entertainment is also played out before guests whilst they eat, with sword-wielding knights, dancing wenches and contortionists to name a few! Surrounded by history, London’s Medieval Banquet can be found just 2 minutes’ walk from the iconic landmarks of Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.

Rainforest Café

Dine in the jungle in The Rainforest Café in London. It’s hard to believe this eatery is just moments from the chaos of the city, with its maze of tropical plants, the call of animals and aquariums filled with colourful fish. Divided into an assortment of themed dining rooms, the intricate detail in the Butterfly Room makes way for the animal print stools that sit the length of the trendy Mushroom Bar. Ideal for family dining, children can enjoy their dinner perched next to an elephant or a gorilla- only statues, thankfully. The menu is as exciting as the setting, taking diners on a journey through explosions of flavour. As well as an exciting kids’ menu, tasty a la carte options include the Leaping Lizard mezze, or Iggy’s spicy enchiladas.

Guest post submitted by Emma Starkie