Europes Coolest Hot Spot

The capital of the Netherlands and the country’s largest city is Amsterdam. The city is big  (over a million residents in the urban area) comprising several districts. Often referred to as the ‘Venice of the North’, Amsterdam features numerous canals and some stunning architecture. Here are five reasons to visit Amsterdam next year – and these things are always accessible no matter what time of year you visit.


Amsterdam  may have a sizable population but visitors return home with a real feel of the neighbourhoods, people and the sights, not to mention the many secrets the city holds – there are plenty of hidden tourist treasures.  Amsterdam’s has 165 waterways, which create  a city of 90 floating islands, connected by approximately 1,300 bridges!

One of the most visited tourist sites today is Amsterdam perhaps because of its astonishing scenic spots coupled with its rich cultural heritage. With affordable Amsterdam holiday apartments and discounted fares from many airlines, experiencing what Amsterdam has to offer is made certainly easier. Book a trip into your schedule now and prepare for a great getaway!

Visual History Lessons

Amsterdam’s inner city is one of the most stunning environments in Europe. It has over 6,800 buildings and homes that are government protected as historical monuments. The elegant homes and towering warehouse structures were built by Amsterdam’s wealthy merchants during the 17th century,  known as the Golden Age of the Netherlands.

World Class Museums

The Anne Frank Museum is based in the house where a young Jewish girl and her  family hid from the Nazi’s in World War II.  There is also the Rijksmuseum, which features the treasures and works of the Dutch Masters when Amsterdam was revered as the world’s richest city. The Van Gogh Museum displays original painting by one of the great unsung masters of his time.

A Shopping Paradise

Art, antiques, chic boutiques, flea markets, and the trendiest of department stores can all be found in Amsterdam, making this city a Western European shopping Mecca. In addition to being one of the cheapest holiday’s destinations in Europe, the city was a flourishing trade centre. Amsterdam remains an innovative and exciting placem, where creativity and business are still evident – just stroll through the backs streets, and you’ll see fabulous bespoke bakeries, music clubs, galleries and more.

There are events and festivals throughout the entire year in Amsterdam, consult the 2012 calendar for tourism in Amsterdam to check what’s on offer for events and festivals. The tourist year is divided into three separate seasons,  October to March (Off-Season) – the Dutch winters are typically mild and far less crowded – bulb season is beginning!  March to May (Shoulder Season) – this is the mildest season of the year so it can be very busy.  June to September (Peak Season) – with a climate similar to that of the US east coast, the summer temperatures cooled by the North Sea breezes make this the busiest tourist season of the year

Whether you enjoy culture and history,  partying the night away or just relaxing, Amsterdam is such a fascinating place and it’s great to know you can still enjoy  cheap holidays  in this magnificent city, with something to suit everyone!