Turkey Hits The Spot

Holidaying in Turkey provides a whole host of opportunities. As well as fantastic beach holidays on the beautiful Mediterranean Riviera or Aegean Coast, Turkey also offers a number of interesting inner city breaks.

Holidays in Turkey are great value wherever you choose to stay, but if this alone doesn’t convince you, here are 10 good reasons for choosing it as the destination for your next holiday:

1. The coastal areas of the Mediterranean and the Aegean enjoy a hot and sunny climate in the summer months. Summers are long and dry and run from between May to October, which is ideal for those who like their beach holidays to be uninterrupted by unpredictable rain showers.

2. Turkey has become increasingly popular with tourists in recent years and you can holiday here quite cheaply. There is a good range of hotels both on the coast and in the cities, for both couples and families, with a selection of both luxury and budget accommodation.

3. Istanbul is Turkey’s most populated city and is also its financial and cultural centre. It is the only city in the world that straddles two continents! Istanbul has a European side (Thrace) and an Asian side (Anatolia) and is split down the middle by the Bosporus Strait. This divide is reflected in the architecture, cuisine and culture, making for a fascinating trip. If you don’t go anywhere else in Turkey, this is the place to visit!

4. Turkey has a fascinating cuisine, with influences from the old Ottoman Empire and from Asian and Middle Eastern dishes, together with some Balkan flavours. It varies from region to region, but Turkey is largely famous for kebabs, mezes and baklava.

Ancient Wonders

5. Turkey boasts no less than two wonders of the ancient world. The Temple of Artemis is a Greek Temple dedicated to the eponymous Greek goddess. Only the foundations and a few sculptures remain, but it is well worth a visit if you are interested in history. It is located near the Turkish town of Selçuk.

6. The next ancient wonder, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, dates back to around 350BC and is located in the Turkish town of Bodrum. The Mausoleum is today in ruins, but there is plenty to see and explore and also plenty of photo opportunities.

7. With its long history, Turkey has any number of historical sites. You can find Roman remains, Byzantine architecture and Ottoman artefacts, so there is always something to explore, no matter where you are.

8. Bodrum is a town that is well worth visiting. A spectacular medieval castle stands prominently in the bay where the Mediterranean meets the Aegean. The area is particularly popular with water sports enthusiasts and there is a fantastic marina and great opportunities for divers (just make sure you check the small-print on your annual holiday insurance policy to make sure you are covered).

Modern Luxuries

9. Why not try out a traditional Turkish bath? You will find one in almost every part of Turkey and they are still considered a luxury. There are a number of rules and some bathing etiquette which you will need to brush up on before your visit, but it’s well worth it.

10. If nightlife is your thing, then Turkey will not disappoint. With nightclubs, restaurants and bars, you will want for nothing. Many of the beach resorts and the cities buzz with excitement and activity when the sun finally goes down.