The ABCs of a Weekend Break in Boston

Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, is often skipped on most itineraries to the USA because other east coast cities attract much more international attention. When competing with New York, Chicago, Washington D.C. or even Los Angeles, Boston is often ignored. But it doesn’t have to be ignored with affordable flights and buses connecting Boston to major European and American hubs. It’s the perfect city for a short break.

Art & Apartments

There are a lot of possibilities for a weekend in Boston, but with a thriving art community, visiting some of Boston’s museums and galleries should be on your list. The two biggest art museums in Boston are the Museum of Fine Arts (with an incredible collection of Egyptian and ancient Asian artifacts) and the Institute of Contemporary Art. The Isabella Stewart Gardner is also a less-visited museum but with a collection of important paintings (and an intriguing history about a famous art heist).

Boston has a long history with art and many famous American artists have come from Boston. John Singleton Copley, from Boston in the 18th century, painted many important colonial New England works. One of Boston’s main squares (where the Boston Public Library is located) is named after him. Just a block away from Copley Square is Newbury Street where you’ll find many of the best independent art galleries in Boston. The brownstone buildings are also home to many apartments and are popular homes for artists, students & trendsetters.

Baseball & Burgers

When most Americans think of Boston, they think of the Boston Red Sox—one of the most popular baseball teams in America. Fenway Park, the stadium that they play in, is in downtown Boston. During the summer months, the bars and pubs in the area around Fenway Park are filled with supporters, locals & tourists all cheering for the home team.
Boston’s also known for some of its culinary creations—from Boston Baked Beans to fresh seafood. But what many tourists don’t realize are the increasingly popular burger joints around town. Some of the best are located in Harvard Square. Celebrities and politicians have been known to visit Mr Bartley’s, probably Boston’s most famous burger place.

Coffee & Cupcakes

Because of Boston’s thriving art scene, and its many colleges and universities, the city now has hundreds of coffee shops and other cafés—perfect for people-watching.

On a beautiful weekend day, you’ll find many locals in one of the many parks around town. Bicyclists, joggers and rollerbladers hang out along the Charles River on the Esplanade. During the summer, you can grab a coffee or drink at the small café near the Hatch Shell (also on the Esplanade) and there is almost always a free performance in the summer evenings. If you’re lucky, Boston’s newest trend—the food truck—might just show up at one of the parks with cupcakes. Most of the popular cupcake shops in Boston now have mobile cupcake shops that go to where the people are. And in the summer, that means at one of the parks.