For most travellers, an ideal summer vacation is spent in a place where there is endless number of summer days! These valuable vacation days are to be spent wisely in place that not only offers summer activities but will entice you to learning its reach culture and history. For a summer destination that will complete you and your family’s needs and expectations, Cyprus is an island to beat:

The sun shines endlessly in the endless stretches of sand

Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean with a summer weather all year round making it the best destination for summer. With the sun are the fantastic sandy beaches with seemingly endless shorelines. In the heat of the sun, enjoy bathing, tanning, and water sports activities. At night, have fun in the clubs spots and restaurants. While hanging out with friends or other tourists.

Be wowed by what the resorts can offer you be it activities to complement your romantic escapades or activities to entertain all the members of the family, especially the children. There are streams, water slides and other water activities to make the children busy. Romantic beach activities for two are also available for those who seek serenity. Truly, a worthwhile vacation which is labelled as Cyprus Holidays, displayed prominently in your scrapbooks and albums.

Rich cultural heritage

Cyprus is a just a small island but with the rich history as it has one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The island’s Greek roots can be traced to the Mycenaean Greeks who initially established their civilization. It did not stop there as other cultures like that of the Phoenicians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Romans, Franks, Venetians, Ottomans and even British also influenced the culture in the island. Learn about how they passed through the island through the remnants that they have left behind. These are still evident in the lifeways and traditions of the rural folks of the island. The island is also at the crossroads of the three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa, so the tapestry of the different culture is an exciting thing to behold. Indeed, Cyprus is an archeologist’s dream destination. Book a trip to the cultural sights, museums, monuments and galleries.

An ideal spiritual destination through learning the beginnings of Christianity

Reconnect with your Christian faith while as the history of Cyprus is closely attached to the history of Christianity. Take a tour to the breathtaking churches and monasteries where you will gain deeper understanding on how Christianity came about during the Byzantine period. Experience on-hand the 10 churches named by UNESCO for its World Heritage Site.

church in Cyprus

Experience the best of the Mediterranean cuisine and some more

The flavors of Cyprus is similar to that of the Greek. However, traditional kitchens and eateries will help you define the Cypriot palate. The seasoned traveller can still enjoy the variety of the food distinct to the island. However, tourists are given choices in restaurants offering Chinese, Indian and Italian dishes to name a few. Lately, influences on the traditional dishes has been observed due to the increase in the tourism activities.

foodSavour the aroma of the delightful wines with the best views

The wine making history of the island has spanned thousands of years. Most wineries boast of a breathtaking view of the sea and the mountains to complement your wine tasting tours. Savour the best wines that this island has to offer. Be swooned over by the aromatic allure of Cyprus’ wine offerings. Join wine tasting and learn about the grape variety, region and food pairing for each wine samples. While September is the common month for the grape harvest, most wineries welcome visitors all year round. A worthwhile experience that you can add to the memories of your Cyprus Holidays.