That London! : Unusual Museums

What are you going to do in London? Of course, this is a city of interesting places and museums are among them! Such legendary names as great Victoria & Albert British Museum, Museum of Science or Natural History Museum cannot surprise you. They are the best in their field and popular to visit. Their world seen artefacts, and other exhibits are great, but you still can find something more interesting in London! These are the places, where you can hardly see the crowds of people, but you can surely see something special, sometimes even weird. It will be not difficult. You may take one of London cars for rent and go in search of unusual museums. Ask locals! By the way, the museums are strange because their exhibits are weird, not because tourists are not in a hurry to visit them.

Zoology Museum

This museum will impress you with unique and rare exhibits. You can see the skulls, animal heads, shark jars. It can be really scaring to participate in the local events, like their weekly Drawing of Dead Life for the low price of about £8. This is not only a viewy attraction but also your chance to improve your drawing skills. Yeah, you are suggested to sketch some of DEAD exhibits you will see.

Museum of Sherlock Holmes

This place is interesting for visiting for all detective lovers. The building is placed in house on legendary Baker Street. It is furnished as it came from Conan Doyle’s book. You can find a lot of interesting exhibits and a cute little shop to buy something from Sherlock Holmes items for souvenir.

sherlock holmes museumMuseum of Curiosities, Fine Art & Natural History

This is a place, where you shouldn’t look for a big sense, just the storage of different, often bizarre things. Don’t expect to find the explanation to everything you see. Just look and have fun. You can even find a few alive exhibits and you can take a cute little lizard to pet. Want a huge black tarantula? You can take it! This unique museum is probably the most curious place in London.

Brunel Museum

This is a place of historical meaning. The tunnel was built about 250 years ago under the river Thames. More than 60 000 Londoners come to visit tunnel at the day of its opening. Of course, you cannot see the crowds of people there, but it is still rather popular attraction, especially for tourists. This unique creature of Victorian engineering is not used as intended now. But you can take a tour into the huge entrance chamber and have a walk over the ancient tunnel.

Toy Museum

Of course, you can find a museum dedicated to toys almost in every big city. This one is special. You can explore a quirky collection of toys and accessories. Just imagine, modern Barbies are standing hand in hand with old wax dolls, puppets, marvelous doll houses and board games. You can learn more about the worlds of soft toys and touch the world’s eldest teddy bears. You will be amazed.

Old Operating Museum

You can come here even if you know nothing about medications and surgery. The museum is restored from the old church to take you back to the 18th century or even earlier. That was time when surgery was supported by sharp knives and a glass of brandy. Look around! Everything here is old and original: fixtures, surrounding, surgical instruments and bellied bottles. Do you feel scared?

operating museum

Dennis Severs’ House

There is one place in the east London, where you feel like entered a time capsule. This is a world of wanders, consisting of 10 rooms and 10 interesting pictures painted by Dennis Severs. The candelights, old furniture, interior items make you feel like the family just left this place a moment ago.

Fan Museum

Yes, you got it right. You can see the biggest collection of fans here. The eldest of them are dated from the 10th century. Also, you can see the brightest modern samples. The museum house is restored and dated by the early 18th century. The place is really atmospheric! There is a romantic Japanese garden and resting zone, where people can take some tea and enjoy their visit.

Magic Circle Museum at the Centre for Magic Arts

Do you like magic? If your magic is limited by Harry Potter book only, you should come here. You can hardly see the rabbit in a hat and long-long line of coloured stripes, but some of the magic world’s legendary items, like handcuffs used by Harry Houdini. Visiting this place is available by appointment only.

mini saw lady in half trick at magic circle museum

London is a great city of museums. How many museums are there in London? Countless! You can explore local museums by category. Start from the most unusual places and leave all MUST-Visit museums that are widely recommended by tourist guides for later. You can discover really unique exhibits, like a museum dedicated to a fictional character, or a model of Tower Bridge made from matchsticks.