Whether you are five or fifty-five, the United States is a playground for all ages, boasting a treasure-trove of fun-packed destinations where both kids and adults alike can let their wildest imaginations come true. If you’re after an adventure-filled holiday with the family, or feel summoning the child from within, these pointers are a great start.

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and undoubtedly one of the most impressive attractions you could feast your eyes on. What you might not know about it, though, is that it’s also packed with family-filled adventures waiting to be had!

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a glass bridge that sits 4,000 feet above the Colorado River that runs through the canyon. This is one serious vantage point and you’ll soon appreciate just how deep the canyon is, and how kaleidoscopic its red colours are. Pack your camera, this is one view not to be missed!

There are plenty of tours that can be booked at the park, including helicopter, mule-ride, white water rafting and hiking tours. One of the more unusual highlights however has to be the overnight mule-ride tour! This quirky, but memorable tour starts with a dinner at the Phantom Ranch, after which your gracious host carries you from the South Rim to Plateau Point along the canyon. It’s a great way to take in the natural plant life, wildlife and panoramic views of the canyon.

Disney World, Orlando

While Disney World is considered a rite of passage for America’s youth, it’s also a fountain of youth for the older generation. Disney World has four main theme parks in addition to two large water parks. Throughout each, there are dazzling shows, hair-raising rides, and unique restaurants. And of course, what trip to Disney World would be complete without the obligatory parade of Disney characters? If that’s not enough to bring back childhood memories of all the beloved Disney characters from your youth, I don’t know what is!

The Pirates of the Caribbean at Magic Kingdom is a by far one of the most popular attractions, featuring an unexpected waterfall drop of 14 feet into the treasure-filled caves, and joined, of course, by Captain Jack Sparrow running from his trackers in true swashbuckling fun!

If ghosts and ghouls are more your thing, the Haunted Mansion will have you jumping at every turn along the ride on Doom Buggy. While it may be the kids who race towards this place to get on the ride, you have to admit…it’s fun no matter your age, right? Come on!

Disney World is not only about the thrills. Disney’s Animal Kingdom boasts the world’s largest animal themed park, with over 1,500 animals on display. Of note here, the African Trek offers close-up views of mammoth hippos, Nile crocodiles and majestic giraffes. Trekking over the roped bridge with the exotic animals swimming in the waters is a scary proposition in and of itself – one small slip and you could been dinner

Okay, so there’s no disputing that the king of rides has to be a roller coaster – and at Disney World, you won’t be disappointed. Those partial for the thrill of a ‘coaster ride will be in for a treat aboard the high-speed Expedition Everest rollercoaster. There are plenty of hairpin turns before and after the summit, with stunning panoramic vistas of the savannah. So if you can brave the ride – it’s worth it just for the view!

With a vast array of attractions for everyone – young and old – Disney World is hands-down the magical land where the fun never stops. If this tickles your fancy, head on over to Cheap Flights to see if you can get a great deal on flights!

Water Country, Virginia

Water County USA is splashing fun with over 30 thrilling water rides, attractions and a healthy roster of live entertainment. The park has a 1950s and 1960s theme with top hits of the era playing all the time, so if you’re into your nostalgia, then this is the place for you!

It’s all about the water rides for the kids, though, and the Malibu Pipeline is a tube ride that won’t disappoint. It’ll soon have speeding through 450 feet of winding tubes, complete with thrilling twists and turns. If rapids are more your thing, Big Daddy Falls takes you on a white-water rafting escapade that will have you bouncing around left right and centre in splashing waters.

You’ll also find “aquabatic” shows with trampoline stunts, high divers and the ever-impressive trapeze acts.

This park also caters for the littlies, with various areas for younger children on offer with plenty enough to keep them amused and occupied . You’ll find interactive toys in wading pools, along with splashing fountains and waterfalls – child’s play at its best.

If you’re in need for some respite from all the action, you can rent a cabana that includes a picnic table, lounges and sun umbrellas, providing an ideal way to pause for the day and enjoy some lunch.

All in all, Water Country USA is the ultimate for water fun!

Busch Gardens, Virginia

If Water Country still has you screaming for more, Busch Gardens – also in Virginia – is an action-packed European adventure park with the perfect mélange of 17th century charm, and 21st century technology. From exciting rides and Broadway-like shows to international culinary delights and great shopping, you can easily spend a couple of fun-loaded days walking around Busch Gardens with your family.

Take the thrilling twists and turns of the roller coaster, Alpengeist, and then head on over to the German village to enjoy some freshly-baked pretzels in the beer garden, decorated with colourful canopies and maypoles. This place is teeming with authentic European charm – from the scenery to the shows, and every night is capped off with a spectacular fireworks finale.

These are just a few of America’s popular destinations that is sure to bring out the child in anyone. If you fancy a bit of adventure, head on over to Cheap Flights to see if you can bags yourself a great deal on flights to USA. Fantasy and fun awaits you!