There is no better place than a beach to spend your holidays on. But consider a situation when you are travelling to a country like Australia that is home to thousands of spectacular beaches. With a coastline of more than 30,000 miles, an individual would get a little confused as what would be the best spot to vacation on.

So, if you are planning to holiday on any of the beaches in Australia then this article will be of your interest.

Here we  showcase the 10 most beautiful beaches in Australia that are no less than paradise on Earth.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands

The Whitehaven Beach is not only the most beautiful beach in Australia but also the World. The beach covers a stretch of four miles and will offer a person with breathtaking and stunning views. The beach is a part of the sailing Whitsundays has pure and fine silica which makes it one of the purest sand in the world. The turquoise blue water enhances the beauty of the beach. Along with these, you will be able to find numerous coves, inlets and lagoons that will make exploring the beach even more special. For all those who love snorkeling head over to the southern end of the each. If you want to get the best view of the beach you will have to hike up to the Tongue point.

Noosa Main Beach, Queensland

There are a number of beautiful beaches that you will find on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland but none is more popular than the Noosa Main Beach. All over the beach, you will be able to experience the turquoise waters, golden shores and the swaying palms. The beach faces towards the north and is sheltered which is the reason behind the mild climate of the beach throughout the year. This makes the beach a great place to surf. Noosa Main Beach has ample facilities and is in a close proximity to the Hastings Street. This makes it an ideal destination for people who love to shop.

Cable Beach, Broome

Any of the first time visitors would become awestruck by landing on this ‘Postcard perfect’ beach. Words would fall short, for describing the beauty of this beach. Located in the Western Australia, the Cable Beach is mostly untouched and is quite famous among its visitors for the sunsets. Unlike the other beaches in Australia, this beach is located in the Indian Ocean instead of the Pacific. At the time of the sunsets, visiting the beach is a great retreat for all the skilled photographers. The beach is slowly gaining commercialization which is due to the rave reviews that are being received by the beach

The Bondi Beach, New South Wales

The Bondi Beach that is located in the New South Wales is quite crowded, as tourists from all over to come and visit the beach. This is one of the most iconic beaches in Australia and should definitely be visited if you are traveling to Sydney. All over the beach, you will be able to find the silky sand, warm Aussie sunshine and the breathtaking scenery. Do not miss the fish and the chips that are offered at the Bondi Surf Seafoods. The best time to enjoy these is straight away after a swim along with a sunset drink.

Turquoise Bay, Western Australia

Turquoise Bay is a spot that is located on the Coral Coast of Western Australia. It will attract each and every person who loves traveling to the beach. It is situated at a distance of only a few meters from the Ningaloo Reef and houses around 500 different species of fishes. The Bay is a perfect place to snorkel and a paradise for the swimmers due to its warm and shallow waters. The Turquoise Bay is well suited for all those who are looking to relax and rest. The Bay is not crowded with a lot of people making it the best destination for all those who are looking to spend their time in seclusion.

75 Mile Beach, Queensland

As the name suggests, this beach is located at a stretch of 75 miles and there are a number of reasons why this beach is a must visit destination. Apart from the rugged white sands, crystal blue waters there are numerous other things that make the beach an attraction. You will be able to explore the natural jacuzzi pools and the stunning volcanic formations that are rare sights on any of the above-mentioned beaches. Along with these, the beach is a perfect destination for all those who love fishing. 75 Mile Beach is regarded as one of the best beach fishing spots in the world.

Bells Beach, Victoria

The Bells Beach is one of the best beaches to surf in Australia. The beach organizes the Rip Curl Easter Pro which is the longest running surf contest in the world. The top ranked surfers arise to the beach to be a part of this contest. So, if you love surfing, the Bells Beach is for you. Along with surfing, you can just relax and sunbathe on the beach while admiring the beautiful coastal scenery.

Lizard Island, Queensland

Lizard Island is located on the Great Barrier Reef’s eastern side and offers its visitors one of the most spectacular views. The island is home to 23 beautiful white beaches that are located in a total distance of 1000 hectare. Lizard island is one of the most exclusive beach destination in Australia. You should be ready to spend a lot if you are willing to spend some time on the islands.

Rainbow Beach, Queensland

The Rainbow Beach is a playground for all the adventure lovers. The island is a stunning natural beauty and is located between the Fraser Island, the Pacific Ocean and the Great Sandy National Park. Exploring this vibrant coastal town is a great experience and you will be surprised by seeing its beauty. Being located close to the Fraser Island will give you an opportunity to explore everything that is being offered in the region. There are a plethora of activities that you can indulge in while on the beach. There is no reason why you should not visit the beach.

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In this article, you saw a glimpse of 10 beautiful beaches in Australia.

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