Unveiled: The 5 Most Luxurious Destinations In Europe

Europe has long been known as a place for the elite to relax and unwind as a premium destination. Nowadays, you don’t need to fly halfway across the world to experience the same level of glamour and sophistication. Luxury is right on your doorstep. There are countless high-end resorts in Europe, no matter whether you’re looking for an active getaway in the Alps or sunny beach holiday. Here are the 5 most luxurious destinations in Europe:

1. Switzerland

The Swiss Alps have become one of the most prestigious holiday destinations in Europe. Make your way to Switzerland for a relaxing retreat nestled away in the outstanding scenery. It’s a popular destination for those looking for spa’s and wellness centres, a place to recharge your batteries and take in the breathtaking views at the same time. Alpine air, unrivalled landscapes and five-star service are a given anytime you stay here.

2. Portugal

Portugal is rising the ranks as a luxury destination in Europe. The Algarve in particular has become a hotspot for health and wellness breaks, including spas and yoga retreats. Villas in the Algarve are at their best in the quieter areas of the place, with popular destinations being Vilamoura and Carvoeiro. It’s also an excellent resort for watersport lovers, or those seeking more of an adventure holiday as well as relaxing beach days.

3. Greek Islands

White-washed walls, clear blue waters and historic scenes are all to be expected from the stunning Greek Islands. With the delicious cuisine and notoriously excellent hospitality, it’s not surprise that the Greek Islands are one of the most popular places for those seeking a luxury break. The diversity of the islands ensures you’re getting a holiday tailored to your needs depending on which one you choose to visit, with remote mountain hotels or all-inclusive glamorous resorts to pick from.

4. French Riviera

Tucked away on the Mediterranean coast, the French Riviera is a world of unrivalled luxury, well known for its elegant restaurants and high-end resorts. Places such as Nice and Cannes are firm favourites with celebrities from far and wide, offering luxury accommodation and exquisite food. Spoil yourself with golden sandy beaches or explore the endless designer shops.

5. Italy

Italy has many luxurious destinations up and down the country, but perhaps none more glamorous than the incredible Capri. This picturesque Italian island is located on the Bay of Naples and only accessible by boat or helicopter. The island is covered in 5-star resorts, all with impeccable service and stunning scenery.

Where Will You Be Headed?

If you get the opportunity to fly away to a luxury destination, why not consider Europe before the Caribbean? In the summer months, temperatures climb well above 30’s in many places, and the level of service and care is just as impressive. The rich and famous can’t help but be drawn to the diversity of Europe, from historical sites to beautiful natural beaches, there’s something for everyone at these luxury destinations.