Halloween is one of the best spooky holiday, which is celebrated all over the world on the 31st of October. Its history is usually traced back to the ancient traditions of Samhain, an old Celtic holiday, which marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. Now this holiday has transformed into quite a commercial project: many festivals are held around the globe, people put on thematic costumes and enjoy the biggest Halloween party in the world. If you haven’t decided where to spend this eerie night, ask EduBirdie to handle your paper tasks, take a seat and read my list of 6 best Halloween festivals will help you to make up your mind.


Mexico is a perfect place to go on Halloween; in this country people have another attitude towards such a phenomenon as death, they used to laugh at it and consider el Dia de los Muertos to be a day, when they honor their dead relatives by putting flowers on their tombs and singing all night long. But there is also another side of this holiday, Halloween festivals are held every year all over the country, that is why you have numerous options, but I suggest you visiting popular Festival de la Vida y la Muerte in the Riviera Maya; there people used to decorate cemeteries with flowers and ribbons, give sugar skulls and chocolate coffins to children as well as putting on thematic costumes and, of course, enjoying music and positive vibes of this day.


Salem is one the best cities for Halloween that you can imagine. As you may know, this city is famous for witch-hunts and is treated to be the place, full of evil spirits and haunted houses. Here a popular Salem’s festival of the dead is celebrated as well as Salem’s Ball of witches. This fest is celebrated each year, and you can enjoy magic, old rituals and music as well as dressing as a witch and cast your spell.


London is full of mysterious festivals you can visit on this special day, and one of the most well-known is called Twisted Circus Halloween, that will be held on the 27th of October. It is one of the freakiest fests in London, where you can dive into the world of horror, watch numerous exciting performances, follow thematic dress-code and listen to a first-class line-up of famous DJs. This fest is worth visiting this year.


Romania is well-known around the world because of the famous Count Dracula and legends about his life, thus, in my opinion, the best destination to spend this day is a Bran Castle in Transylvania, a place, where Count Dracula spent his days. This year, on October 28, it will be opened at night for visitors, thus you can join a spooktacular event, called New Year’s Eve of the Vampires. It is a costume party, which consists of two parts: the horror tour along the Castle and a thematic party. If you fancy gothic style and haunted castles, then this is a perfect match for you.

Hong Kong

Although this holiday got popularity not so long ago, Hong Kong is treated to be the capital of Asian Halloween now. Where to go on this special day? You can visit numerous parties, but I suggest you not to miss the Ocean Park Halloween Fest. This day the park is crowded with zombies, witches and other evil spirits, and features different attractions, live shows, haunted houses and good music. Just do not forget to book tickets beforehand to be sure you won’t stay in a queue for hours.


Ireland is a place, where ancient rituals and rich traditions are still honored, thus if you want to feel the atmosphere of Celtic Samhain, you must visit this country. The famous Spirits of Meath Halloween Festival is celebrated there from October 7th -5th November. There you will get tons of emotions, visiting the eeriest and the most haunted places in the country. This fest begins with a traditional Torchlit procession to the Hill of Ward, Tlachtga, which is treated to be the spiritual center of ancient Celts. There you will, definitely, feel the atmosphere of those old days, thus do not miss this opportunity.

About the author: Helen Birk is a freelance writer, who has been working for EduBirdie for 4 years. Helen is a traveller, who has visited more than 20 countries. She likes reading, meeting new people and discovering new cultures.