Plan a Disney Vacation at Christmas with Your Family

Your family’s Christmas vacation at Disney will be a lot sweeter with a little forward planning. So here are some top tips to make sure you arrive relaxed and in the mood to enjoy yourself!

Research Your Rooms

Know how many rooms you need to book. Disney is very hot on occupancy – it doesn’t bend the rules when it comes to sleeping more than four in a family room. The only exception is a child under 3 – who gets a Disney crib and isn’t counted in the occupancy at all. Knowing how many rooms fit your budget and knowing how many people Disney will let sleep in one room is vital for a fun trip. You can check the websites of the various Disney locations to see which ones have the right occupancies for your family.

Do some research about the difference in cost between staying on and off site at your Disney Resort.  The hotels surrounding Disney Resorts (i.e. non Disney hotels, which are located outside the boundaries of the Disney location you are visiting) are often significantly cheaper than the Disney Hotels in the Resort itself.

Budget For What You Can Afford

That said, there are all sorts of costs you will incur if you stay away from the Disney site – in time as well as money. You will need to pay for transfers on an official bus – which also leaves you at the mercy of transfer bus timetables. Or you can rent a car, which costs a fair amount and means no beer for the driver in the restaurants on site.

Take the time to research your ticket costs. This can be a bit of a headache but it’s worth it in the long run. It means you will know in advance what you will be paying for and why – and so you can start planning your fun before you’ve even got there!

The Disney ticket is one of the most complicated things on the planet, so we’ll try and break it down in easy-to-consume-chunks. The price first: you don’t pay the same amount per day. Every day you stay longer, the cheaper your ticket gets (provided that you buy the ticket in one go). Stay for a week and your final two days will only cost you a few dollars more than if you had only stayed for five days.

Ticket types vary – a Disney Base ticket means one park per day – not so good if your children have all sorts of different things they want to see and do. Add the Park Hopping option for a fee and you can visit unlimited parks on the Resort in the same day.

Disney isn’t slow when it comes to making the most out of your vacation – Pleasure Island is another add-on. Water Parks another still and Disney Quest costs extra too. None of that need be a hassle, though, if you have researched, budgeted and prepared in advance.

Disney Packages

If all of the above sounds confusing wait until you start looking at Disney’s package deals. If you can afford the Premium package then you’ll get the best of everything and don’t have to worry. If you have a set budget you can spend days looking at Dining options and the various Package prices. At which point, you may decide that a specialty Disney travel agent is the best way to plan ahead after all!

The above article is written and composed be Rosette Summer. She writes articles in her free time which are related to Golf Holidays , and exotic vacation plans.