Iceland – The Coolest Country in Europe

If you’re looking for adventure that doesn’t involve a long haul flight – try a trip to Iceland – its one of the strangest and most thrilling places to visit in Europe. With so many cheap flights available at this time of year, you can be there in a few hours, enjoying the wild nights of its capital, Reykjavik or the extraordinary countryside – which is raw, beautiful, and wild.

Here are a few ideas for things to experience on a weekend trip – how about packing your surf board for a dip in the breath taking waters of the prehistoric coastline?

surfing from an icelandic beach

The Imagine Peace Tower

If you’re feeling in mellow mood and are over 45…(it does help) visit The Imagine Peace Tower. On October 9th, Yoko Ono, widow of John Lennon, lights the Peace Tower – the date is significant as being Johns’ birthday, and the tower remains lit up until December 8th – the day he was shot. The Tower is like an enormous torch, of seemingly endless light, shining up into the night sky over Reykjavik Bay. It’s immensely bright; a xenon light beam which can travel as far as light can travel – so it’s something of a jaw dropping night time attraction. Of course, if you are lucky enough to see the Northern Lights at the same time, it’s a bonus!

Meet The Locals

Iceland is wonderfully informal –  you can now arrange to meet a variety of politicians via; if you fancy tea with Prime Minister, or have pair of mittens knitted by one of Iceland’s key Ministers, its all there for the taking. See who else you can meet on the website – it’s a great way to find out what Icelanders do in their spare time and you can enjoy their company in their own home! This just couldn’t happen anywhere else.

Cycling Through Waterfalls

If you love the great outdoors, there are geysers to visit, more than reliable when it comes to doing what geysers do, which is throw up a turret of boiling water. Explore the sights of the Golden Circle – which is a circuit of fabulous sights, well signed and well trodden, taking in such places as the Thingvellir National Park. It’s an ancient, protected area, full of rare grasses and lichens, with a gleaming still lake in its Centre. You can cycle across huge tracts of land, including a cycle ride through a waterfall! Visit the Glaciers while you still can, or try out the white water rafting to test your nerve and muscles.

If Sauna is your thing, make sure you get in a visit to Laugarvatn – where you can enjoy a fabulous sauna, courtesy of engineering genius.

Outdoor hot pools and a variety of steam rooms and saunas have harnessed the local thermal waters, which arrive at the surface in a near boiling state – by the time the water has been pumped through half a mile of piping, its in a perfect state for mere mortals to enjoy. You’ll be refreshed and relaxed ready for a night out in the big city!

Iceland is full of surprises – perfect for a weekend adventure. Look out for great cheap flight deals and dip into this unusual and delightful country – you’ll be hooked!