Five Travel Insurance Tips For A Round The World Trip

Planning a trip around the world is exciting, and at times challenging, and it’s little wonder that a mundane thing such as travel insurance can easily get overlooked. Many people think that travel insurance is purely to replace lost items, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s also intended to cover overseas medical care, evacuation and adventurous activities. In a nutshell, round the world travel insurance is designed to keep you as safe as possible for all eventualities.Before you sign up for travel insurance, here are five tips to bear in mind –

Check Out Your Current Insurance Policies And Credit Cards

You may be surprised to learn that your current insurance policies such as health, auto, life and even homeowners insurance may cover a lot of what is paid for in your travel insurance. Check your insurances carefully and give your agent a ring to run your plans past him and see what he suggests.

Your credit cards may also cover certain areas of your vacation such as offering emergency assistance and coverage for lost or damaged baggage.

Is It Safe To Travel To Your Chosen Destination?

Whilst insurance companies cover travel to most countries in the world there are inevitably some exclusions hidden away in the small print. The main one is if you plan on going somewhere which you know isn’t totally safe or that the government bodies have deemed an unsafe place to visit. The bottom line is that if you knowingly place yourself in the middle of a war zone you are unlikely to be covered.

Adventure Sports

If your world wide travel includes some degree of adventurous sports and activities then check to see they are covered in your policy. On the flip side of this, if thrill seeking adrenalin fuelled activities aren’t your thing, then don’t waste money on paying for them in your travel insurance.

Buy Your Insurance Cover In Good Time

It’s no fun having to call off your trip due to your sudden illness or a death in the family,¬† but it’s even worse if you can’t claim back the costs. Many insurance companies require that you buy your travel insurance at the same time as you buy your trip and some insurance companies do not cover cancellation at all. Always check the policy wording before you buy.

Personal Liabililty

Let’s face it, accidents can and do happen. If the blame is found to lie with you, then you want to be covered¬† in case someone decides to sue.